Tinder for Windows Phone – Where & How to Download

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In early 2014 we were promised to have a Tinder app for window’s smartphones. Unfortunately, several years later, there is still no official tinder application for these kinds of smartphones.

Can you use Tinder on Windows phone?

It might seem odd since there was no app released. But you can still enjoy Tinder on your Windows phone.

How to use Tinder on windows smartphone

  1. Open your main browser on your windows phone.
  2. Go to URL: tinder.com.
  3. If you have an account, skip this step; if not, sign up.
  4. Log in to your account.
  5. Enjoy Tinder on your windows device!

To be honest, using Tinder in a mobile browser is a pain in the a**. There are far better-dating sites that are designed to work in mobile browsers. We highly suggest Ashley Madison, and you can read the full review here or Adult Friend Finder, about which you can read the full review over here.

Don’t download any windows phone tinder apps!

Why? None of these apps are official. Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a windows phone in our office to test any of these. But after a quick research on Reddit and Facebook groups. We have found that pretty much everyone who has downloaded any of these looks a similar app. Got his or her account banned, hacked, or lastly, the app did not work at all. The not working outcome was the best if the app did not work and did not harm the phone. Actually few people have reported that even their email account etc. which was stored in their windows phone was hacked. So stay away as far as you can from these

Last thoughts

Unfortunately, as we have already mentioned, there is no official app from Tinder or Windows. But as we have described above, you can still use Tinder, but not via the app. Instead of the app, you can use the browser. Will you get all the functions? Not really, the app is elegant, and the browser is just not able to replicate it. But you will still have access to basic features.

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