Adult Friend Finder Review 2023, is this the best dating site?

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Today we are going to review the online dating industry leader, which has been for several years now the most popular website for meeting people.

Review Summary

Can you believe that this company has been around since 1996? Can you believe that they were trying to pursue people online dating back in 1996 when everyone thought that the internet was a fad? Ever since then, this is a website with the most significant members base. Even though the site has a horrible and cheaply looking design, for some reason, it is still growing in members.

For whoever you are currently looking for, you can find them here. Imagine Facebook, which was only for horny and partner seeking people. And that is pretty much it. You have your wall, and you can write your posts (blogs), you can share images, galleries, videos. You can comment on them and also on others as well. It would be best if you did not think that adult friend finder is fake Facebook for adults. Because it is not, each feature is slightly different, but yeah, you can do pretty much anything that you would do on Facebook.

Let’s get into the most crucial part of this article. Can you meet someone on this dating site?

First of all, we have conducted a test of our own in our office. We have signed up for a brand new account on Since most of the “bad” reviews online pointed out that there are not enough women on the site, we signed up a male gender account. And with the same day, we had a day from this site. If you want to know more about our little experiment, click here. Hopefully, we will create more tests like this in the future.

If our test wasn’t good enough for you, let’s talk numbers. There were over 41.5 million visits of Aff in last month. Unfortunately, we do not have data for both mobile and desktop visitors. But 82.24% of desktop visitors are from the United States. So if you live in the USA, you have pretty good chances of meeting someone. Is it a struggle for other countries? For sure, but we believe this site aims to connect people who mainly live in the United States.

And lastly, before we get into a detailed adult friend finder review, we should talk about how many women are registered on this dating site. Unfortunately, we do not pose the real numbers, even though we have contacted their management, we are still waiting for their official reply. But from the data we have found online, most websites do claim that they have somewhere between 25% to 37% of female users. Which is still good enough, and if you compare it to any other online dating site, these numbers are high. The industry standard of female accounts on dating sites is usually below 15%.

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Detailed Review

Registration & Logging in

Registration on adult friend finder is a two-step process that can be done within a few clicks. If you want to sing up for free, click on this invite link.

When signing up you have to choose if you are Man/Woman/Couple(man/woman)/Group/Couple(2 Women)/Couple(2 Men)/ TS/TV/TG. After that, you need to choose if you are interested in meeting men, women, couples, or TS/TV/TGs if you want, you can choose multiple options. After that, you have to pick your birthdate. Please pick the real date, the rest of the stuff that you are choosing right now can be edited later on in your profile page. But if you change your birthdate, it can trigger the shadowban of your account, or you might get even deleted from the site. After that, choose the country where you would like to meet people. If you live in the USA, you will have to write down your zip code so that you can meet strangers in your area. Again, if you are traveling to a different city in a few weeks, you can edit this in your profile then. So you don’t have to worry about this right now. Now click on register to get to step two of signing up. You will be requested to choose your username, input your best email address and choose a password + at least character introduction of yourself.

Aff has over 41 million visitors each month. Your date is waiting for you right now

To log into your Adultfriendfinder account, you need to have a verified account. If you can’t see your verification email in your email address, you should check your spam folder. If you have an email verified account, you can choose your username or email to log in. Just write your password and click on “log in.”

PS: We hope that you have chosen a better password than 12345, if not. Please go to your account and change it to a stronger password!

Members of the site

Did you know that you can chat with 99,914,573 active members? Right now, as we create this article, there are over 73 thousand online members. We checked this number several times last week, and the number of online members never went below 70,000. Did you know that, on average, there are around 90 thousand new photos uploaded each week? What are you waiting here for, get out there and find yourself a date or hookup right now! is one of the rare dating sites that has very well versed active members. From people who are seeking for their other half to couples who are searching for couples or even groups. If you live in the United States, you have won the lottery. Since the majority of their members are from the US, more specifically, 82.24% of their visitors are from the US, out of which most of them are seeking casual fun!

How many men are on the site

As we said earlier, we are still waiting on the official reply, but the estimates are that 63-75% of visitors of are men. This means each month, and there is between 21.5 million up to 25.5 million men from the US who are seeking a date!

How many women are on the site

Again, we are still waiting for official data. But from the estimates, each month, there are over 8.5 million women from the United States who are searching for a date/hookup. And please don’t forget that 8.5 million is the low estimate, there could be up to 12.6 million monthly visits from lonely American women.

Age structure.

From the data we were able to gather, we have predicted that half of the members are between 25 to 44 years old, which means that each month there are 17 million men and women in this age bracket looking for someone.

Contacting members

You have several ways how to contact members of Adult FriendFinder. Ou can either choose video, char, and even email to reach others. But to make this process even more comfortable for you. You will find 48 matches above the fold on the homepage. These matches will be in several categories:

  • new matches
  • members near me
  • VIPs

On the rest of the homepage on their website, you will have links to your profile and to pretty much every other feature that is on this site. If you are scared to pm someone right away, you can ease in the conversation. You can like or comment on their recent photos, videos, blog posts, or live streams.

Searching members

The search will be preset for the information you have filled out during your account registrations, but you can edit the searching filtres any time you want. If you are searching for a particular member, you can search for that user’s username. But if you would like to search members with specific criteria, please use the search form.

ädultfriendfinder has one of the biggest online dating community

Profile Information

Most members have very well structured dating profiles, where they explain all their preferences. Some of the craftier members even write out their fantasies. The downside is that only members with a premium account can view profiles of others. But to get other members interested, you can upload your photos and videos for free.

As we mentioned earlier, most of the profile pages on the Adultfriend finder are quite impressive. But in comparison to what? For example, in comparison to a Facebook profile? Well, they are not that good. But in contrast to other dating sites, we were able to find a decent amount of visibility with filled in preferences and sometimes even with their full versions of their fantasies. But as far as the information that is it, if you would like to find personal information about the person, you won’t find it.

But what you will most likely find is the location of that member — their physical attributes, their personality type, and their preferences.

How to improve your profile

This is one of the obvious things, but only very few people do it. If you want to meet a lot of people from this site, you have to stand out. Please upload at least three photos of yourself to improve your chances, but if you can keep up. Post several photos each month. If you can, you can also upload videos, we have tested that, and the results were quite impressive.

Everything that you are willing to share on your profile page. Take at least good 10 to 20 minutes of brainstorming about what you want to share on your profile page. After that, scout 10 to 20 other accounts and their profile info. And write one of your own, create the most compelling profile to get the most amount of matches each day.

Yes, this set up can take up to 2 hours of your date, but these simple edits will skyrocket your matches.

AdultFriendFinder Reviews from other sites

We do not want you to take just our word for it. We searched the webs for AdultFriendFinder com reviews, and we have found a couple.

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Our review of reviews

All of these reviews are spot on in our opinion. They pretty much sum up our experience of aff. Yes, the site has quite a simple design, and yes, they are some fake members. But there is also a lot of strangers that want to meet you asap.

We get it, and you are annoyed because of all the fake members. But fake members are on every single social media site and, of course, on every single online dating site. The only difference is that has set up its system in a way that they can easily spot fake accounts, and so can you.

adult friend finder is a great place to meet people from anywhere in the world, but turth to be told, over 80% of its visitors are from the United States


There is only one type of premium membership, which is Gold Membership.

  • 1 Month Gold Membership costs $39.95
  • 3 Months Gold Membership costs $80.85, which is only $26.95 monthly
  • 12 Months Gold Membership costs $239.95, which is only $20.00 monthly

Payment option

You can pay for the Gold Membership with:

  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Via Mobile Phone
  • Direct Debit


How to spot a fake member

Each member of AdultFriendFinder is required to have an emailed verified account. And each member that is guilty of spamming or any kind of abuse on the site will have their account reviewed by a moderator. If the moderator concludes that the account is fake or it is abusing Terms of service, the account will be terminated from the site.

The same goes for accounts that are accessed from different IPs etc. So they are doing whatever they can to get rid of fake accounts and such, but if you find a fake profile, you can report that account to a moderator by a report feature.

A good rule of thumb is that if the member does not have a single picture on their profile. Or their profile pic does not match the albums in the profile. There is a good chance that the account if fake account. Also, if you think that the account is fake and has 0 profile information, stay away from that account.

Are my data safe?

You are probably asking because you have heard about the hack from the year 2015. If you want to find out more details, you can read this article about the data breach.

The data breach in 2015 has been a big set back for AdultFriendFinder. But now, in 2020, we do not doubt that their database has one of the best security in the whole industry, which is all thanks to the data breach back in 2015.


Again, this is one of the most secure online dating sites that are currently up and running. They are secured with GoDaddy’s SSL web certificate. This means that all of the transactions that are carried out on are protected by 256-bit secure sockets layer encryption.

The site itself keeps members safe. Each member is encouraged to have a profile verified by their particular membership verification program.

Mobile Application

Here is a full detailed review of their Android and also iOS apps. There is no other way around it, and their app is horrible. If you can open their website on your mobile phone browser, don’t download the app. If you want to know why, you can read the full review, but just to save you time, don’t get the app if you do not need it. In case you are not able to open on your mobile browser, try a different browser, rather than getting their mobile app.


My password is incorrect. What can I do?

There are several reasons why your password could be incorrect. First, please make sure that you are typing the correct password. If the issues persist, try to recover the password to your email if you don’t receive password recovery within 10 minutes. Our account has been deleted by admin, after reviewing your account. If that is the case, please contact them on their email!

How to get emails from other members?

1. Log in to your profile
2. Go To Message Center
3. Click on the “Inbox” button on the top of the navigation bar
4. Read the email

Can I remove my account?

Yes, you can! It will take you only a few clicks to get rid of your account. Click here to read step by step tutorial of how you can remove your account.


Aff com is, in our opinion, industry leader with the number of active members. Even though that this dating site is not for free. It cuts out a lot of fake profiles. Yes, there are many fake accounts, but they are on every single dating site out there, and no one can ever change that. But with the paid membership, they have figured out a way how to stop fake accounts from spamming your profile. They simply can’t send messages without upgrading to Gold membership. We firmly believe that this is one of the reasons why this site is still growing. Because unlike most dating sites, you end up talking to a real person, who wants to meet you. We will soon publish our test from Tinder, and you will be amazed at how many fake accounts have contacted us there in just one day. On the contrary, here on AFF, we have never talked to a fake member during our test. If you are still unsure if this website is the real deal or scam, you should read this article, where we discuss if this is a legit site or not!

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