Ashley Madison Review 2023: Is it safe to use?

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Ashley Madison is not your regular dating service. It started back in 2001 for people who were in relationships and wanted to privately hook up with other people. Ashley Madison was a great solution to how you can meet someone discreetly without your spouse or your husband knowing about it. Just when the internet was booming, someone had a great idea to launch this site.

So their website is online for more than 19 years now, and it still works. And since 2001, the websites change a bit, especially since the design is better, and the dating site currently serves a much larger audience. This website is no longer just for people in relationships who want to hook up. Pretty much anyone can use the site and have discrete affairs for whatever reasons.

After all the research. It is more than evident that Ashely Madison is dominantly for people in the United States, but some countries are popping out, and you can meet people there. Actually, you can meet people all around her work using this website, but around 70 to 80% of its members are from the United States.

After publishing a few reviews of online dating sites, we have received a lot of questions about this particular site, and the most asked question was, is the site safe? Generally, this question is about fake members on the site if you actually can meet someone. But in the case of Ashley Madison, they are worried that their data might get stolen. Like they got taken in the year 2015. And the answer, simple. In the past few years, this website dominates the online dating industry. If you don’t take into account apps like tinder, this is the biggest online dating community that was ever created. They receive up to 100 million visitors each month. If they did not learn from their mistake in 2015, we would already know it because they would be out of business. After all, this hack would happen again.

Review of ashley madison website
Ashley Madison has a nice and clean design for years, it evidently works for them.



As we have mentioned earlier, the target audience of this site in the United States, with that being said, the site receives over a hundred million views each month, so up a few of the visitor’s love of people from all around the world. Other than the US most members are from the United Kingdom Canada and for some reason from Brazil.

Age distribution

Unfortunately, these stats are not confirmed yet by Ashley Madison. But from the date that we were able to gather, most users are between 20 or so and 40, but again, with a hundred million visits each month, there are enough people in each age group. At first, we did not believe that Bu one of our co-workers signed up his grandmother on Ashley Madison. And guess what yes it looks weak are so he got a hookup for his grandma.

Gender distribution

Again most people believe that this site is full of men.which in no way is correct. But the same issue has every single dating website or even dating app its the works. Ashley Madison has around 60% of males and 40% females out of their members. Which is pretty good a ratio.
In comparison to adult friend finder, they have up to 70% men on that site. Don’t get us wrong. That is still a good number. Two years ago, tinder estimated that 85% of its users are men.


if you want to sign up on Ashely Madison. You can do it for free the signing up process is very easy and straightforward that even your grandma can do it. You don’t have to input any personal information. The only thing that you input is who you are looking for and what is your current relationship status. Because as we have set earlier, this website is no longer just for people in relationships. And that you need to input some info about yourself play your high ethnicity and things along those lines which will be publicly displayed on our profile.

The whole sign-up process is free. You should be able to create your account in three minutes or less. The great thing about Ashely Madison is that they are getting it. Privacy is the key. When you’re uploading your profile picture, they have a built-in photo editor with which you can blur your face are even in a mask so you can be completely secure and anonymous if you wish to do or if you are in a relationship.

Getting in touch with other members

if you are a woman, this is your today. On Ashley Madison, only females can don’t think of other members and zero cost. On the other hand, men had to buy credits on the site, and these coordinates can be an exchange or specific features, which is messaging other members.
Which we believe is an excellent concept everyone can sign up on the site check out the profile. There is anyone in their area or their country, and if there are enough people who they would be interested in seeing, they just purchase the credits so they can contact them. But don’t worry, there are other ways with which you can confect other members. You can send them links, for example, and with winks, you can send a member your profile photo without the blur or mask so so that they can decide for themselves if you want to meet you or not.

And it doesn’t end there you can give other members gifts, but obviously, this feature is not free.


In comparison to adult friend finder profiles on Ashley Madison are quite reductive. But Rob is probably from the nature of the site because we have started as a hookup site which should have been anonymous and nowadays it’s more of a dating site. But in comparison to other dating sites, these profiles are on the average witless photo and with less information. Because on other dating sites, you can find all the information about the user’s several probabilities and even their wildest dreams or fantasies. Which you won’t generally see on Ashley Madison.

The good thing is that you can review profiles for free you don’t need any credit for that.


This is the part where Ashley Madison stands out from the crowd. Even though we believe that there are much better dating sites is not much better but better dating site then Ashley Madison. But we have to give credit where credit’s due care at it is absolutely amazing. It is one of the best dating apps we have ever reviewed.
Also, what is great about the app is that you can download it from official Google play or iTunes. Unlike most of their competition, which doesn’t have their app under official stores. Which might not sound like a big deal, but it is. Because when you are downloading an app that is not on the official Google play store or iTunes. You never know if you are downloading the right app. This could potentially harm your device, or you can get hacked easily; this is why it is a big deal it away.

Our real-life review

Were we able to find real people on Ashley Madison? Check our full review of the membership structure and the whole site

last year we tested personally over 50 dating sites. And we are slowly releasing our reviews and for some site even tutorials. And Ashley Madison is no different. We have granted our own account. Uploaded profile photo, we added few details about this, and we started messaging other members and interacted with them. We do this for every dating site because we want to know that our real members who would like to meet other members. And to be honest, not every site passes this test. We can even count how much money we have spent on membership on different dating sites and actually never met someone because the site was fake.

But this is not the case, Ashley Madison is a pretty decent dating site. After creating our profile, we have contacted over 70 women during the first day. We start early in the morning till mid-afternoon, and before evening we got ourselves two dates. Which we believe is quite a success.

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Not everything on Ashley Madison is charged. With a free account, you can watch profiles of other members and like them that you can create favorites that you will also be able to use advanced search filters. As you have said before, you will be able to send winks. And obviously, you will have discrete for the future and able for free.

What do you have to pay for?

Probably the biggest one is messages, you will have to exchange credit for messages. If you want to initiate contact with a member, you need to spend credits on that. Sending m for that that opening encrypting emails again is a paid feature on the site. You will have to pay for travel men’s features also.

Credits pricing

It might seem a lot to pay $59 for 100 credits. But in comparison to other online dating sites, this is quite a reasonable pricing.

ashley madison credits review
Their pricing starts at 100 credits for $59.00
Payment options
  • credit card
  • direct debit
  • PayPal
Will be the payment discrete?

You don’t have to worry if you look at their billing after payment. You won’t be charged as from Ashley Madison.oh, the statements will be billed discreetly. There is a reason why this online dating site is in the industry on the top for such a long time, and discretion might be their competitive advantage that they have.

How the credit system works

The usage of the credits is not the same for each feature. Some of the features require more credits than others. If you open collect messages sending priority emails and initiating emails cost five credits after a bright the people which you have previously contacted, you will have to no longer use credits to contact these members again. One of the prices is features on the website is a chat for 30 minutes. You will have to pay for the credits, and with the same increments, the price stays the same, so for 60 minutes, you are going to end up paying 60 credits. And if you want to send it to give the member the cheapest one is for 20 credits and the other one is for 30 credits in the priciest one is for 50 credits.

Last thoughts

Ashley Madison is quite a unique website. It started as a hookup site for people in relationships, and nowadays, it’s a more regular online dating site. But the discretion stayed the same as in the beginning. Which we believe is a great thing, and many users definitely appreciate this feature. We believe that this is an excellent option if you want to have your love life or private life private, which is hard to do nowadays. And if you have still had any doubts, please re-read the article. This site has been in business since 2001. You won’t find any safer dating site in this. And hey, you can create an account for free, so go ahead sign-up does decide for yourself.

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Yes, it is, in terms that the members of the site are real. We weren’t sure at first, but we have created an account for ourselves and tried to meet with other members. We had a few dates on the same day of registration. And yes, there is a lot of people who are in serious relationships and want their privacy.


Unlike other online dating sites, you only pay for what you need. There is no membership per se, you pay with credits for paid actions that you would like to do. If you want to know the pricing of credits or what costs what, read the full article.


Yes, you can read a message without paying anything. If you are a woman, you can even send the messages for free without paying.


No, they don’t, but to be fair. There are bot accounts on their website. But again, every dating site has these kinds of accounts. But with the structure of the site, they won’t be able to bother you unless you message them first.


Yes, you can, if you are a woman. You will be able to use almost every feature on Ashley Madison without paying. If you are a man, you will be able to sign up and do a few more things for free. But contacting members is not one of the free features unless they contact you first.


Ashley Madison is the obvious choice. You pay only for the actions that you do on the app, not for a whole monthly membership. And what is most important it is a very discrete online dating site. BLurring your face is standard on this site, and it won’t be billed as Ashley Madison, so you won’t get caught.


Yes, you can delete your account. If you do not how, please click here and learn how to delete your account. If you are unsure if you are going to use this site again, you can decide to deactivate your account instead of removing it forever.


Yes, you can search for any profile on this site. You have filter options during a search even on the free account.


There is no monthly membership. You need to buy credits and pay with them for your actions on the site. But chatting with other members costs only five credits, which is pretty much nothing. The more credits you buy, the lesser the price of one credit will be.


Yes, you can use a prepaid card for paying for the credits. But you don’t have to do that since Ashley Madison won’t bill you with this name, everything is discrete, you don’t have to worry.


There is an option to send your message as “Collect Messages.” This means that you won’t pay for the message, but the receiver has to pay for it instead. We highly do not suggest this strategy if you want to meet someone.


If you send a private key to other members, he or she will be able to see your private photos and also will have a clear view of blurred images. If you want to stay private, do not send your private key to anyone.


No, they do not expire. If you have found a password to a ten-year-old account with credits, you can still log in and use the credits for sending messages, chatting, or virtual gifts.


Yes, and dominating the industry like never before. 2015 was a big set back for the organization. But they have improved all of their security measures, and now in 2020, the website has more visitors than ever in history.


Yes, they do accept gift cards, but the gift card has to have a more significant balance than $49. If you want to pay with a gift card, due to privacy reasons, you don’t have to worry, and you can use your PayPal or credit card, they are making all payments discrete.


Ashley Madison was founded by Darren Morgenstern back in 2002 with the new slogan, “Life is short. Have an affair.” But more credits are usually drawn to Noel Biderman, who was Chief Executive in the beginning. Almost 20 years later and the site is used more than ever.


It is one of the most popular online dating sites, if not the most popular. Their app is behind the giants of online dating like tinder etc. But they are doing exceptionally well, and just their website alone received 8.5 million visitors last month.


If you purchase credits for the first time, you can enable such a feature. The free trial will last for 30 days. After these 30 days, you will be billed for the next 30 days if you decide to use this feature again.


Impact team hacked Ashley Madison. Investigative computer security team with Brian Krebs identified a twitter user, who has most probably been involved with the Impact team on this hack.


No, they do not do that. Unfortunately, there are fake accounts on the platfrom. But every platform has them, even FB, Instagram, Snapchat, youtube, aff, tinder, and every more significant successful site will have these fake accounts.


Yes, you can pay with your PayPal account, as well, with credit or debit cards. And don’t worry, all payments are discrete.


Yes, they are a publicly-traded company from the year 2015.


According to the latest stats, they have over 54 million registered accounts on their platform.

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