67 Lesbian Pickup Line Ideas – Level Up Your Game!

67 lesbian pick up lines

Here’s a list of what we consider some of the best lesbian pickup lines. Some are clean and cute while others go for laughs, but all will leave you feeling flirty! Good luck out there ladies – have fun with it (and each other)! A vibrant red lipstick would look delicious on your thighs. I … Read more


why does my girlfriend feel loose sometimes

Some men are worried about their sexual performance, and this can lead to jealousy. It’s always best to talk with a partner if there is an issue, but some instead blame the other person for not being able to recognize insecurities that they themselves have as well. Women’s vaginas become more elastic when sexually aroused- … Read more

IS BLUE WAFFLES REAL OR FAKE- Read this to find out!

is blue waffle real?

Is Blue Waffles Real??? Can Blue waffles be cured? Before knowing how this disease can be fixed, let us know what the blue waffles are. Blue waffle is a sexually transmitted disease causing a blue color discharge from the vagina. The word waffles in English means talking something foolishly or writing something in a waste manner. This … Read more

Blue waffle Disease EXPLAINED! 2021 Overview!

blue waffle disease explained

Blue waffle Disease is a mythical, sexually transmitted disease believed to have sprouted out of the female genitalia. Blue waffle disease is sexually transmitted and appears to occur in the vaginal area. This urban myth had hit the world of the internet with an exciting name, Blue waffle. People have misunderstood and misinterpreted the fable of blue waffle. … Read more

How To Handle Fear of Rejection By Your Partner

How To Handle Fear of Rejection By Your Partner

Definition of Fear: A feeling of being uneasy, not sure of what to do.      Fear of Rejection is the first barrier anyone has to get by meeting someone or seeing someone they are interested in. Let’s take a different example of conquering fear. A lion tamer has less fear of lions than an ordinary … Read more

How to Search on Zoosk Without Joining! [2021 Guide]

How to search Zoosk without joining, step by step guide

After publishing a guide on how to get a free trial on Zoosk, we have received quite a few emails if we can publish a guide on how to search Zoosk without signing up(anonymously), and here it is. If it wasn’t evident, yes, it is possible to do this without having an account on their … Read more

Does Tinder Notify When You Screenshot? [ SOLVED 2021]

Does Tinder Notify When You Screenshot? [SOLVED 2020]

Did you have a funny conversation on Tinder? Or do you want to screenshot the profile on Tinder and send it to a friend? You might be wondering if Tinder notifies that person about the screenshot you took. And it is absolutely valid, Snapchat has this feature for years. And if you go on Reddit, … Read more

How To Reset Bumble [Get 100s of New Matches!]

If you have swiped pretty much everyone in your area, you might need to reset your Bumble account. But if you don’t do this correctly, it could potentially lead to a shadowban, in which case your profile will be shown to fewer people overall.  Don’t worry, we have done this numerous times and tested it … Read more

How to Get 14 Day Bumble Boost Free Trial in 2021

Bumble boost free trial. How t oget one without promo code!

Today we are going to teach you how you can get your Bumble Boost free trial for 14 days. Unfortunately, there is no method to get your free trial without a credit card. Also, there is no need for coupon or promo code. And if you have visited a site with a promo code discount, … Read more

What are Bumble Coins? How to get them for FREE!

Bumble Coins: What to buy with them & How to get them for free

If you are a new member of the Bumble dating app, you might be wondering what bumble coins are. Bumble coins are the in-app currency for which you can upgrade your membership plan, or use paid features. How to get Bumble coins in 8 simple steps Open your Bumble app on iPhone or Android smartphone. … Read more