Category: Sites

After seeing so many online scams, we have decided to review pretty much any site that you submit to us. We can't stand more people getting scammed by shitty websites! We want to stop this. We won't be able to, but we would like to navigate people to safe websites. Not only that, for each website we review, we also include tutorial articles for that particular site. Right now, we are starting with reviewing online dating sites. But that is just the beggining, and we are going to review classified sites, social media sites, music and movie sites, and much more!

If you are unsure about some website, if it is legit or not, contact us via the contact form, and we will review the site for you! That is why we are here to help! Do you have issues with deleting an account from a particular platform? No worries, contact us and we will write a tutorial guide for that specific website!