Bumble SuperSwipe – Is it Worth The Price? [Tested on Real Accounts]

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If you are new to Bumble, you are probably wondering how Bumble SuperSwipe works and if it is worth the price. And we don’t blame you. There are 100s of online dating sites, some of which are free. Why would you pay for something that does not work or simply is not worth the money.

What is Bumble Superswipe

It is a brand new feature that enables you to let your potential match know that you are interested in them, which might be well worth it. Think of this as a digital tap on the arm and saying hello.

what does the heart mean on bumble? It is a superswipe!

How to give Bumble SuperSwipe in 3 simple steps

  1. First, you need to open your Bumble app.
  2. Start swiping
  3. Once you see the profile on which you would like to use super swipe open that profile tap on the heart icon
How to super swipe on bumble [screenshot from mobile phone with instructions]

Congrats, you just have made your first SuperSwipe on Bumble, and your potential match just has received a notification that you are very much interested in meeting them. If you have tried and you were not able to, that is quite simple, you don’t have enough coins to purchase this feature. Even though that this dating site is for free. There are paid features available for its users.

If you don’t have enought coins, you should see following screen:

Once you purchase atleast one coin, you will proceeed with the superswipe
Once you purchase atleast one coin, you will proceeed with the superswipe

How much it costs?

Each tap on the heart icon on Bumble will cost you one Bumble coin. The price of the coin depends on how many coins do you buy at once. The minimum purchase is one coin, which is the most expensive and the cheapest is if you buy 20 coins. Unlike on the other dating sites, you are not able to get coins for free in exchange for some manual actions on the dating app like watching ads for example.

SuperSwipe pricing in $

  • If you decide to purchase one coin, 1 SuperSwipe will cost you $0.99.
  • If you purchase five coins at once, each SuperSwipe will cost 0.798$.
  • If you buy ten coins, one superswipe will cost you only 0.699$.
  • If you buy the biggest package of coins for $14.99 each superswipe will cost you only 0.7495.

As you can see, their pricing is flawed. The best deal at the moment is to buy ten coins at once if you want to try out or use this feature frequently.

Is it worth it?

For example, on Tinder, there is not even a discussion about it. They have a very similar feature called Super Like and truth to be told. It is not worth the money.

But on this dating app, it might be different, since it is a brand new feature we have decided to test it. Our average match or like back ratio on Bumble during our tests was 23%. Since we had that data, we have decided to run a new test with this new feature.

How to see who super swiped you on Bumble

There is no way to actually search for this. If someone has super swiped on your profile you will receive a push notification on your phone. If you have not received this notification yet, that means that no one has used this feature on your profile yet.

SuperSwipe Tested on 3 Real Profiles

If you are familiar with our site, we usually review dating sites and other online membership communities, and we test the features and the membership base. Since we have already done that for Bumble in the past, we have reactivated our accounts. We bought 50 coins each and started using them. We did what we always do, but instead of swiping left and right, we have used SuperSwipe on the profile we wanted to swipe right on.

While we were using Bumble regularly, our like back ratio was 23%, which means that out of 50 regular swipes, we got on average 12 matches. From SuperSwipes, we have received 19 matches out of 50. Which is a 38% like back ratio, which on paper is amazing. But those seven extra matches cost us $34.95 because we have purchased 50 coins for 50 SuperSwipes

Other tests we did on this dating site:

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Our verdict

The feature works a lot better than on other dating apps. But again it is quite expensive. If you are OK with paying dollars on dating sites, we still believe there are better dating sites to spend money on. If you have spent the same amount of money on dating sites like this, for example, it will yield more dates and matches. We don’t know if $35 is a lot of money for you, but even if it is not, it is quite too much just for seven extra matches.

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