Some men are worried about their sexual performance, and this can lead to jealousy. It’s always best to talk with a partner if there is an issue, but some instead blame the other person for not being able to recognize insecurities that they themselves have as well. Women’s vaginas become more elastic when sexually aroused- so someone might feel tighter during sex at one point due to lack of arousal or discomfort rather than tightness around the penis alone.

Women’s bodies change during their menstrual cycles, and this may affect vaginal secretions. This could lead to changes in the way the vagina feels throughout a woman’s cycle – some days it might feel tighter than others due to hormonal fluctuations. Certain drugs can also have an effect on how your vag area will function as well because they influence different parts of our body that contribute to sexual pleasure (dryness is one example). Lastly, what position you’re using for intercourse determines how loose or tight feeling your partner-in-crime is going to be; things like angles and pressure play a major role when talking about penetrative sex!

My girlfriend feels loose is she cheating?

my girlfriend feels loose is she cheating? No she is not probably. Here are reasons why: common couses will be explained in this article

No, she is not. Here are real reasons why she feels loose:

Hormonal Changes
The female body undergoes several hormonal changes at certain periods of their lives, and this could lead to a looser vagina. The vulva and the vagina undergo several transformations around the time of menopause.


Your girlfriend’s vagina can become too loose after childbirth, which is a pretty normal thing. The walls of the vagina are torn down and this causes stretching – but it’s totally reversible! So if you’re experiencing some dryness that makes her seem tighter than she used to be before pregnancy then don’t worry because there may just not have been enough cannabis-infused lubrication going on during sex (and trust me, both parties feel icky).

Bad sex position

Due to the sexual position, certain sex positions can widen up the vaginal walls. For example, missionary can cause this problem as it causes you and your partner’s weight to rest on top of each other which will put pressure on a woman’s vagina in order for penetration. Switching things up during intercourse may help create more space before any discomfort or pain comes along!


You might not believe it, but the vagina can be influenced at times by psychological factors and an individual’s unconscious. It could also happen as a shock or some kind of neurosis. If you are still wondering why does my girlfriend feel loose sometimes then maybe this is time to address these reasons.

Why does my girlfriend dry up?

Here are few other possibilities, why this happens to your gf:

Preventing allergies can be a hassle and discomfort. Allergens may not only include detergents but also objects that are inserted into the vagina such as lubricants, says Dr. Goldstein.

Many people suffer from uncomfortable symptoms of allergic reactions caused by their environment which includes soaps or hygiene products like dyes and perfumes according to medical doctor Bretton Goldstein . One common allergy is for laundry items in fabrics such as towels or underwear where there could be irritants on them because it comes into contact with your skin more often than other clothing you wear less frequently does, he adds.

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Is being tight a compliment?

Why don’t you tighten your muscles today? Many women have mastered Kegal exercises that strengthen their vaginal and gluteal (butt) muscles, which give them the ability to control pleasure. When making love with a partner, it’s easy for these ladies to contract those inner areas just as they’re coming close or right before climaxing–and this can be great news for partners who enjoy anal sex!

When I say my partner is tight, it’s a compliment. But the meaning of that statement can be ambiguous at times.
I always tell her how much she turns me on when she carries herself with this amazing sense of confidence and control over her body during sex – but some people might not understand what “tight” means in this context. What makes matters even more confusing than usual for our relationship though, is when my girlfriend apologizes to me after hearing about how exciting being inside someone who has muscles all-around their vagina gets me off; thinking I’m referring to pain instead of pleasure as most guys would take it if they said something like that! Hearing those words really make up happy though because now there are no doubts left-she knows.

,,When I tell my partner she’s tight, it makes her happy. Being tight is a compliment when you like something about the person being nice to and they know it.”

How many fingers means you’re loose?

The vagina is a muscle that expands during childbirth, but after it’s been through the process multiple times, there can be permanent laxity for some women. Kegel exercises and other factors play into how long your vaginal muscles will take to get back to their previous shape.

The vagina is one of the body’s many muscular organs – most notably known as a powerhouse when pregnant females go through labor where they’re often referred to as “birth canal.” After delivery (no matter if it was C-section or natural), your pelvic floor gets weakened due not only to childbearing itself but also hormonal fluctuation such as low estrogen levels following pregnancy; nonetheless, you could still do Kegels in order to help maintain its strength which strengthens specifically around. So more than three fingers, you are so-called loose.

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