How to Delete Tinder Account Permanently in 2024

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We sincerely hope you have found the love of your life and that you need to get rid of the Tinder app. If you are trying to delete your Tinder profile for different reasons, we understand entirely. Our office was testing this app for several months, and we have found every single upside and downside of this app. If you follow our step by step guide, you will erase your tinder account permanently!

Don’t just delete the app, and it won’t delete your account.

Tinder acts pretty much like a social media site. Since just uninstalling the app from your phone won’t do the work alone. It is the same as Instagram if you delete the app. It does not mean that you also rid of your account. The same goes for Tinder, if you remove the app, your account will remain active, which might get you in trouble! Or it may not, and you just should know about this and decide what you want to do if you’re going to get rid of the app and save the Tinder account for later. Or get rid of the app and also deactivate or delete the account permanently.

We heard so many stories over the years when guys in great relationships almost broke up because they GF found out they are still on Tinder. When in fact, the guy had just an inactive account on thereof, which he did not know about. He just deleted the app from his iPhone like most users… The other thing is that we have experienced a few hacks of online dating sites over the years. Your data is not 100% safe anywhere; every portal, app, or website could be hacked. So why risk it? If you don’t need it anymore, get rid of it to be safe.

Do you want to delete, hide, or pause your account?

Before we show you how to erase your Tinder account forever, there are other options that are worth exploring. You can also pause your account or temporarily hide your account. With these settings, your account will remain saved on Tinder servers, and once you are ready for dating, you will have to just reactive it, and you will be ready for swiping. Of course, with these settings, other members won’t be able to send you messages or find you in a matching pool. By hiding your account, you will be able to use it. With pausing, you won’t. It will act like a deleted account until the point of reactivation. If you want the tutorial for pausing or hiding your account, scroll down to the bottom of the article. If you truly want to remove your account continue reading, the tutorial for that is right below this paragraph.

How to delete Tinder account permanently in 2020

Do you want to delete your Tinder account? If yes, please follow our tutorial below this image step by step!

Here is a little step by step tutorial on how to get rid of your account:

1.Unlock your phone, turn on your GPS, and open the Tinder app.

First stop of How to delete your Tinder account

2.In the left upper corner, you should see an icon of a profile, and next to it should be a red flame, click on the profile icon.

3.You should finally see the settings tab, tap on it.

4.Now, in settings, scroll down until you see “Delete Account” (it is at the bottom of the settings).

5.Tap on delete account.

6.Tap on “Delete My Account” again to confirm that you truly want to do this!

And now the last step, unfortunately, you have to choose a reason, why do you want to leave Tinder. It does not matter what you choose, and you will be asked to choose from:

  • I don’t like Tinder.
  • I want a fresh start.
  • I’ve met someone.
  • I need a break from Tinder.
  • Something is broken.
  • Other. ( You will have to write on your own why you want to erase your account)

Heureka! You have finally deleted your Tinder account and all your information with it!

Deleting your account won’t cancel your membership plan subscriptions!

Please keep in mind that deleting your account does not automatically cancel your Tinder Plus or Gold subscription. If you have one, you will have to go to iTunes or Google Play Store to cancel these subscriptions! Otherwise, you will end up paying for a service that you don’t and can’t use since your account is now removed!

This is very frustrating, but unfortunately, Tinder set this up this way…

5 Reasons why to delete the Tinder account and app from your phone!

Most of us think about online dating as a super safe thing since we are usually from places where we feel safe(home, work, school, etc.). Unfortunately, that could not be farther away from the truth, after reviewing pretty much every single online dating site under the sun. We have come across all of the scams and downsides of online dating!

Waste of time

Truth to be told, how many of us use Tinder or other dating sites to swipe left and right to get a dopamine rush for a second. But how much of us do something? Either talk to your matches or setting updates etc. I know so many people who swipe left and right for fun, and that is all they do, they don’t take any action, if you are in this category, you should probably change a dating site or erase it from your phone, since you are just wasting your precious time.


Catfishing is one of the most common reasons why someone quits Tinder. And this is no fault of Tinder, and catfishing happens across all dating sites, even AFF. Some have better precautions some worse, but it happens everywhere.

Catfishing is trying to fool someone into thinking that you are someone else, and they will try to steal your photos and information. Why would they do that? To create fake accounts, to ask you for money, or even worse. Never send anyone photos with which they could blackmail you later. There are also reports of stolen identities over dating sites… Stay careful.


Usually, this goes hand in hand with catfishing, but it does not necessarily have to be catfishing. But some people/hackers have hundreds up to a thousand accounts, with which they try to emulate real person. But since they are doing it on such a big scale, they can’t. But they try their best.

These accounts mainly try to get you to click on a lick that they send you. If you ever receive a link from a fishy account, instead, don’t click on it!


Luckily this is not happening as often. But at times, some people will try to get your contact information. They will contact you via your email, and they will send you links to “verify” your identity, and usually, these are payment details, which end up draining your credit card.


Unfortunately, we have heard this more than once. And we were quite amazed that this does not happen to girls only, but even some guys pick up on Tinder cyberstalkers, which is not that hard to do. They download your photos from Tinder, and via image search, they could easily stalk your other social media, and it starts there…

How to Pause your Tinder account

As we promised, here is the tutorial for pausing your account. If you pause your account, all of the personal information and data will be saved on Tinder servers. And once you are ready to date again, your account will be recovered. With this option, no other Tinder member will message you, even your matches, and you won’t appear in discovery!

If you want to pause your account, go back to the tutorial of deleting your account, everything will be the same, only in the last step choose Pause account instead of deleting it!

How to temporarily hide your Tinder profile

To temporarily hide your profile, you will have to turn of discovery. With that being said, you will be able to regularly use your account, unlike if you pause it or delete it. Only other members won’t be able to swipe right or left on you, because you won’t show up in a match queue/discovery tab. But new matches can potentially appear since the profile on which you have previously swiped right might see you!

  1. How to turn discovery off
  2. Turn GPS on, Open Tinder app
  3. Tap on your profile icon in the left upper corner
  4. Tap on settings
  5. Scroll down till you find “Discovery.”
  6. Turn it off!

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