KikFriender Review 2024 – Huge Scam Revealed!

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We are aware that our articles might not be the ones that have the best editing or writing. But are vast advocates of sharing information freely. And even though that Kikfriender is a horrible website. For this sole reason, we have built this site. We are reviewing and testing online dating sites, and soon, we will check websites in different niches, so you know which sites to avoid and which ones are safe to use!
In last year we have conducted tests of more than 50 datings sites or apps. So far, this is the worst of all of them. Not only that, but it was also a complete waste of money, we have lost quite some time on the app. We have tested it with three different profiles, each for two weeks. And the results were entirely wrong. We had better results in Ashley Madison without a profile picture. If you are thinking about signing up, please wait a few minutes before you make a decision, read this review!

Why stay away from Kikfriender

Most of our readers are either looking for love or a hook up online, but if you genuinely want to sign up on a Kikfriender, you are looking to get scammed or worse. This whole website is trying to emulate KIK, the messenger app success. They are trying to look like the original messaging app to get money from you!
Why have they chosen Kik? Well, the Kik app is well known for being used on the online dating scene. Some people use it, so their partner does not know they are cheating. Or they are using it for reason number two, and that is privacy. Kik has similar security as WhatsApp, so it is being used to send naked selfies, etc.

Yes, kikfriender is a scam, we have tested it ourselves on three different profiles. You are more than welcome to read our detailed review of this website.

Why it is a scam

The main idea you should grasp on is that there are genuine people on, and you can meet them. Unfortunately, Kikfriender’s security measures to prevent this website being used by scammers are so little, that nowadays this website is flooded with so many fake accounts, that it is almost impossible to meet areal person over there.

With that being said, if we could guess, at least 80% of accounts are inactive, or scammers are using them.

What do scammers do on Kikfriender?

The reality of this scam is that they set up a nice looking fake profile. For which they use photos from different dating sites or social media sites. These people pretend to be the hottest girl alive that wants to hook up with you. This is how this whole scam starts.

After they get you riled up, they usually ask for a gift. Some ask for an Amazon or Walmart gift card. Some even asked for Paysafecard, lol. But this is still not as bad, as it can get.

During our test, one of the scammers had few NSFW photos of my colleague, and he was threatening him, that he will leak these photos to all his Facebook friends and colleagues. And the scammer asked for $10,000 to delete these photos.

on the photo you can see several people discussing the latest news in onlinedating industry and above them is a text:"IF you want to find a hook up or date, there are better sites than kikfriender!"

And this is not the worst experience. While all of this was happening, we were trying to find other users online who had similar problems or issues on Kikfriender. And we have seen quite a lot of people. The worst scam was when one scammer was pretending to be a hot girl, and he was also pretending that “she” does not believe the guy, that he is real, that he is “too nice.” So “she” (the scammer) asked for a photo of ID and driving license. The poor guy sent that to the scammer, and he found out two weeks later that his identity was stolen and that the scammer made a loan with his ID…

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How not to get scammed on Kikfriender

Here are a few quick tips and talk about what to avoid.

Super Hot Girls

When a super-hot girl is acting desperate, pause for a second. Look at her profile and think for a minute. If things are a way to easy, then they are on other online dating apps. There is probably something wrong. If the girl sends you “her” photo out of the blue, it is perhaps too good to be true.

A lot of text messages

Please keep in mind that there are just a few women on the dating sites, and the rest of the members are guys. If a girl is messaging you constantly,something is usually wrong. Since most of the time, they don’t have time for it, since they have 100s of unopened messages.


If you ever receive a message containing a link on site like this, don’t click on it unless you know the website for sure. A lot of these are straight malware that you don’t want on your phone nor your computer. Especially if they send you to link to a different dating site, they are just trying to get you to a paid site. Don’t do that that is 100% a scam!

Don’t download anything.

If someone wants you to download the app or something else, usually they are getting paid for it, and you will be asked to fill in your credit card details, and you will be charged later on for prolonging y our subscription. Don’t do that.

And someone sends you something that you can download, without verifying with your credit card, also be aware that most ft these files are there to spread malware and viruses.

Last thoughts

If you want to hook up or meet someone to date, we have reviewed quite a lot of dating sites. Please check our reviews before you actually sign up somewhere or try dating/hook up site that we are recommending, since it performed the best in our tests!

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Is KikFriender a scam?

Yes and no. The website itself is a scam since they are trying to emulate the looks and certain other features of a well known messaging app called Kik. But the worse part is that their site is filled with scammers with fake accounts, who are stealing photos, money and even identities from other members, for this reason, we don’t recommend also visiting such a site.

Why can’t I post on kikfriender?

You are not verified. For that reason, you can’t post of Kik Friender, but if we can advise you, please log out and never log in on such horrible sites and try one of the dating sites that we recommend.

Kikfriender locals map doesn’t work, how to fix it?

If you are on your phone and it does not work, it is merely because their website is not fully mobile-optimized yet. If you have the same issue on your desktop pc, try to update your adobe reader, flash player, and browser, if that does not help. Try to contact Kikfriender’s support, but we are not sure if that even works. We wrote them email months ago and still no reply from them!

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