How To Handle Fear of Rejection By Your Partner

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Definition of Fear: A feeling of being uneasy, not sure of what to do.

     Fear of Rejection is the first barrier anyone has to get by meeting someone or seeing someone they are interested in. Let’s take a different example of conquering fear. A lion tamer has less fear of lions than an ordinary person off the street. He knows how to handle lions, so he is less fearful of them, although I can imagine he does have a little fear. So looking at this, we should ask why? Why does he have less fear; it’s because he knows how to handle lions. So if you knew how to handle the opposite sex, you too would have less fear.

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      Definition of Confusion: To be unable to think with clarity, unsure what to do or which way to go.

     Do you see how similar Confusion is to Fear? The way to be less confused is to know what to do and how do you know what to do? You gain knowledge. Proper knowledge is not improper knowledge. Let me give you an example of improper knowledge. A guy has been taught to be respectful to women, which he should be to an extent, so he approaches a girl, and he asks her politely if she would like to dance, or he asks her for her phone number, or he asks her out on a date, and of course, she turns him down flat. Now, this confuses the guy because he has been ingrained to think this is how he should do it.

Be nice and polite, yet he sees the jerks getting the girls, but he tries again and gets refused again. Finally, he has had enough, and he doesn’t even ask anymore. Then all the single women wonder where all the nice guys are. Well…, they’re at home reading a good book because it’s more rewarding, and it’s not because they’re weak. It’s just that he doesn’t know what to do. Everything he’s read and been told is about what the opposite sex likes, not about what actually attracts them. You need attraction to make a relationship work, and men have never been taught what creates attraction. The ones that know what to do, if asked, probably couldn’t really tell you what it was they did that worked. If they did tell you, they probably wouldn’t get it right. So this is man’s major mistake; women do not recognize real strength.

     He has been fed false ideas that he believes to be true because he probably got them from his parents, whom he trusted to give him the right data. But his parents didn’t know. They fell in love and got married and didn’t even know how it happened. Some people are lucky that way, and maybe his mom and dad met in such a way that his dad didn’t even have to ask his mother out. She might have seen him working hard on the farm and thought he was strong, so it didn’t matter.

     The bottom line is that our e-books will give you the proper knowledge you need to overcome your fears and be able to do it right so that you won’t get rejected. They will also teach women to recognize true strength, not false strength, which can actually be insecure. It will also teach them how to spot Mr. Wrong.

     A recent survey indicated that 75% of single people had met someone they were interested in but were too scared to make the first move because they felt they would be rejected. Confusion causes this fear of rejection, this fear of not knowing what to do. Do you know what to do? Are you scared of rejection? Don’t be part of this statistic anymore. Fear no more. We are here to set you straight on what works to attract the opposite sex and to build that passionate relationship we all desire. Don’t be scared anymore, get the facts in our e-books. Download our Free Trial (See Below) so that you can see what we have to offer and know that what we have worked. Our team has done extensive research into this matter and tested all the data, over and over, to ensure it’s workability.

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