How to get a Hookup ID without credit card in 2024

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Since we have already published several articles about online dating sites, it is finally time to talk about how to get a Hookup ID and if it is genuinely needed. The idea of it is that before meeting someone, you could both exchange your IDs for making sure that both of you are legit people who would like to meet. But that is the problem, and this whole thing is a scam.

Is HookUP ID legit?

Let us explain why it is a scam.

You are browsing on your favorite online dating site, and suddenly you receive a message from a super attractive woman. She is chatting you up, and she is telling you that she finds you hot, etc. And after that, she says to you that she would like to meet you in real life. But first, she would like to verify you and see your hookup id.

At that point, she sends you a URL link to her hookup ID page, and she wants you to do the same thing. And let’s be honest, she is 12, 101% out of your league, you are willing to do anything to meet with her. So you just grab your wallet, pull out a credit card, and you are trying to get your hookup id so that you can meet with her. After you pay for the “ID,” you will send her your profile page, and that is the last time you two have ever talked.

Don't fall for it' HOOK UP ID is a scam!

And the best part is that right there and then you know it was a scam. And that you cannot do anything about it.

Why you don’t need hookup id in the first place

The whole reason for this dating ID is to be safe and know that the other person you would like to meet is genuine. But why would you need it now, when you know that this whole thing is a scam.

The only thing you need is a safe dating site!

So far from all of the dating sites we have tested so far, the clear winner is Adult Friend Finder, if you want to sing up, click here and if you would like to read our detailed review, click here.

We have only good things to say about AFF. We have started our test account, and we were delighted that we got several dates on the first day. And we met those people and had a great time. And just food for thought, this site is visited by 41 million visitors each month, so just think about that, what are your chances to meet someone there. If you are unsure, your chances are pretty high. We have used a horrible profile photo, and we were still able to get a date.

Last thoughts

We can’t stress it enough. If you ever find yourself in a situation that you think about paying for hook up id, please go back to this article. Re-read it once again and finally realize that it is a scam. There is no one site to get the ID, there are hundreds of the fake sites, that are trying to sell you the id for $30 up to $100. We just can’t wrap our heads around this. This scam has been around since 2015 or 2016, and people are still falling for it. There are dozens of Reddit threads and several twitter posts, where people are claiming that they got scammed this way, and yet people are still buying these IDs. Please don’t be the next one in line, choose a good dating site, and that is all you need if you are not sure which dating site is for you. Read our reviews or just go with our favorite dating site, AFF.

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