How to Flirt With Guys and Make Him Fall for You!

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Understanding the concept of how to flirt with a guy is essential. It is a critical part of the process of looking for a potential mate of the opposite sex. You might not even want to admit it, and you have already indulged in captivating the man’s attention. To become good at this, you need to know the dos and don’ts of seduction. If you wish to master seduction art, here are some essential tips that you must know. These tips can help you catch a man’s attention and make him fall in love with you even if you only have average looks.

6 ways to flirt with a guys

There are many ways to flirt with guys, but the combination of these tips, which we are sharing below this will give you the best results, and you don’t have to worry about being rejected. Instead, make him fall for you.

Go out often and socialize

You may be wondering why you are still single up to now despite your gorgeous looks. Do you go out regularly, or do you usually stay at home waiting for your prince to come? Most singles out there do not realize that they have not found a man yet because they do not interact with people. Your chances of getting a date and successfully seduce a man are close to zero if you choose to slouch on your couch or stay indoors. What can you do about your single status and be able to find a man? Go out with your colleagues. Watch movies with them. Drink coffee in a coffee shop. Go to places where you can find a great man.

Know the right way to make eye contact

 Do not just stare him down. It would help if you did it in the right way. Practice looking at one eye. Then, the other eye looks at the man’s mouth. Practice this technique so you can easily interact and captivate the attention of the man you are attracted to. When you have locked eyes, you should continue looking. According to experts, it takes 13 glances before a man approaches a woman. So, if you would like to master the art on how to flirt with a guy, keep looking at him.

Practice in making small talk

Seducing a man requires you to know the basics of making small talk. If you do not know where to start, you may go out today and make small talk with strangers. They do not have to be adult males. As you hone the skills of making small talk, it will be easier for you to talk to any man you meet. By mastering small talk, you can adjust and step out of your comfort zone.

Do not think too long before speaking out

If you do this, the man you are trying to seduce will be disappointed. He will think that you are pre-meditating what you are going to say. This will surely make him uncomfortable. Although it is okay to consider what you want to say, you must not think too long.

Ask for his advice

One of the easiest ways to attract a man’s attention is to strike a conversation by asking for his opinion about a certain thing. For instance, if you are in a music store and you found someone you are attracted to, you can ask him about what CD to buy for your cousin’s birthday. From there, you can start a conversation that may lead him to ask you out for a date.

Establish a time limit for yourself

It is okay to talk to a man you like to successfully seduce him. However, you must set a time limit for any conversation that you make. In this way, he will look for more ways to get to know you better. After 60 seconds of conversing with him, you must bid farewell. If you did catch his attention, he would surely ask for your number.

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