How to Ask a Girl Out – Foolproof Method to Win Over!

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Do you know How To Ask A Girl Out? Inviting someone for a date can be extremely hard for many guys. However, there are some tips in doing it correctly and efficiently.

Just consider following the steps below to get a big yes from a date invitation.

Tips On How To Ask A Girl Out


This is essential before you try to talk to her as it allows you to determine whether there is a chance that she will like you or even talk to you. You can practice the following before you speak to her:

  • Gauge her interest and find signs of her liking you. You can determine if you caught her attention if she looks or smiles at you.
  • If you find yourself already talking to her, observe her gestures, especially if she tries to touch, you will speak. If she is continually feeling you, then there is a chance that she likes you, but if not, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she is not interested in you.
  • Try to observe how she looks at you like if she’s gazing or tries not to gaze at you; it can mean that she is interested.

Interact Well

This is the part when you will have a chance to get to know her. Follow the steps below to interact with her appropriately:

  • Getting to know her well is the key to getting a yes from your invitation.
  • Always listen to what she is saying, look at her eyes, and respond in the conversation intelligently. Try not to dominate the conversation and find topics that she enjoys talking about.
  • Do something beautiful, such as carry a heavy object for her. If she refuses, don’t push it and wait until it is already undeniable that she needs help.
  • Make sure that you talk to her casually a couple of times before you invite her for a date.

Pop The Question

This is the moment when you need to express your interest in dating her verbally. You may consider the following tips to come up with the right words to say the question:

  • Although you don’t need to wear a suit to express your dating intention, you need to make sure that you look great and smell good. Don’t wear the same clothes or smell like you haven’t been taking a bath for days.
  • Approach her, and don’t get too nervous or cocky. Just act usually and say hi. When you begin to converse, you find the best timing in asking the question.
  • Try not to make a big deal of the situation; just relax and have fun in talking to her. It is also best that you are confident while talking to her or inviting her as ladies usually like guys who are sure of themselves.
  • After talking to her for a few times, try to know where she would enjoy being in. Do not invite her on a daylong trip, bungee jumping if she’s not the type who likes outdoor activities or in an overly sexy or romantic place. Make the scenario light, and have fun.
  • You will know the right timing when it comes. When the conversation touches something that she may be interested in, such as movies or food, you may invite her to go with you to a restaurant and try a delectable cuisine or watch a movie.
  • Prepare yourself if she says no and try to deal with the rejection well by smiling and gracefully saying that it’s not a problem may you can do it some other time. Don’t question her if she refuses, just let it go and try your luck next time.

How To Invite

There can be many ways to invite her for a date easily. You may consider the following in asking her to go with you:

  • It is much better to invite her personally, but you may call her up and invite if it’s impossible or difficult if you have her phone number.
  • If she’s busy doing something, start a casual conversation and wait for the right moment to invite.
  • You should invite her in advance, especially if she’s a busy time, as it will allow her to plan her schedule.
  • Plan and set time for the date. Don’t keep her too long and bore her and instead make meaningful moments that would leave her wanting more.

How to Work Up Your Courage before asking a girl out

How to Work Up Your Courage before asking a girl out:
Give yourself a pep talk beforehand.
Try not to think too much about being rejected. 
Take several deep breaths right before you ask her.
Visualize yourself successfully, asking your crush out.
Plan to walk straight up to your crush immediately when you see them.

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This is it, now you should know how to ask out a girl. You have all the knowledge and tips that you need to succeed. If you are still feeling shy, maybe you should sign up on a dating site.

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