How to Flirt With a Girl – 6 Proven Techniques to win her over

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Knowing the basics of how to flirt with a girl allows you to grab the attention of the woman you like whom you think is out of your league. If you are trying to seduce an adult female, you must understand that there is the right and wrong way of doing it. Whatever way you choose, you have to make sure that your subject knows that you are hitting on her. In this way, it will be a lot easier for you to ask her out.

Should you wish to make an excellent first impression on the woman you truly like, here are some things you must remember when trying to seduce someone who may or may not be out of your league.

Three proven tricks to get girls to like you!

6 Tips to Flirting Properly With Girls

If you master these six tips, every girl will fall for you. It will take some time and a fair bit of practice to master all of these. The best would be to practice only one of these per day. And then slowly combine them.

Tips for beginners

1. Be yourself

A woman will know if you are only trying to make a good impression. Do not attempt to be like a cool dude or a comedian if you are not. It may impress her a bit, but the truth will eventually come out. When she realizes that you are only trying to be someone you are not, you will lose her trust and interest. You should always remember that every woman can smell if you are lying or not. So, it is better, to be honest right at the beginning of your interaction.

2. Compliment her

But do it in the right way. If she is looking good today, compliment her about it. Did you notice that there is something new with her hair? Let her know that. When making compliments, you must use words that can make her remember you. Think of memorable words without crossing the line. For instance, if you notice her new perfume, you can say something like, “That perfume you’re wearing today smells so good.” The next time she uses it, she is going to remember you and the statement you said. However, it would be advised if you did not overwhelm her with too many compliments.

3. Speak with confidence

If you are only starting to learn how to flirt with a guy, you must master the art of speaking with confidence. Keep in mind that women love men to make the first move. When talking to her, you must present yourself in a way that you can demonstrate that you are confident with yourself. But do not be too confident as she will surely hate it.

Advanced Tips

4. Be funny

Even though you are not a comedian, there is a funny side of you that needs to come out should you wish to capture the woman’s attention. Most women like to date a guy with a good sense of humor. They find it very attractive. The reason for this is that humor takes away the awkwardness. But you must also bring out your witty side. Blending humor with intelligence is an effective way to capture a woman’s attention. When you want to make her laugh, you must not touch a sensitive issue. If she is struggling to lose weight, do not make fun of someone else’s weight. Instead of hurting her feelings, you must find something that you think can be hilarious for her. But it would be for the best if you avoid using too much humor when talking to her. This will lose its essence.

5. Find a way to touch her

Seduction will not be complete without a few sexy touches. You may touch her elbow when the two of you are crossing a busy street. And when you touch her elbow or hand, allow your hands to linger a bit longer. 

6. She will love it

Listen more and talk less. But do not make it to the point that you will sit there without talking. You may ask questions, but you must wait until she finishes her statement. Please comment to let her know that you are listening. Do not interrupt her. Please do not argue with her unless it is really necessary.


How do you flirt with a girl without being obvious?

You’ll probably not like this answer, but truth to be told is that like anything in life that you want to improve on, you need to practice. And the same goes for flirting. If you want to get better at this, you need to go out or on some online dating app and talk to girls and get better at this. Obviously read this article also, to know what and how to do it.

How do you flirt over text?

If you are unsure how to flirt over text for sure read this article, it was made for flirting in real life. But the same principles apply over text. Read it once or twice to get a better hang of it.

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