How To Delete Zoosk Account on iPhone & Android & PC & Mac

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How do I delete my Zoosk account?
Keep reading the tutorial

How to Delete Zoosk Account on iPhone in 9 easy steps

  1. Open the Zoosk app
  2. Tap on the hamburger sign in the upper part of the screen to open menu
  3. Tap on the gear button to open settings
  4. Tap on “Account”
  5. Tap on “Account Status”
  6. Tap on Deactivate
  7. Scroll down till you see “Deactivate” button
  8. Choose a reason why you are leaving Zoosk and tap on the “Continue” button.
  9. Depending on your answer, you will receive one more question, like where you meet, if you have chosen to meet someone. Tap on the “Continue” button, and that is it!

Congrats, you’ve erased your account. In case that this tutorial was confusing, scroll down to the Android tutorial with screenshots. Even though it is a tutorial for Android, it has the same design on iOS and Android.

Will they erase the account?

This is their message after removing the account from their app:

Zoosk message
after canceling an account: Congratulations!
"We are so glad you met someone on Zoosk.
Your account was successfully deactivated and your profile has been removed from Zoosk.

This should mean that you should create a new account on Zoosk, but you won’t be able to get a free trial again. But your data from your profile was erased from their data servers. We were not able to find in their TOS when this data is going to be deleted. But most of the dating networks that we have reviewed delete the data within the first 48 hours from deleting an account.

How to delete Zoosk account on Android

Delete your account in 10 easy steps from

This step by step guide works both for Android and iOS devies. Since the app is same on both devices.

Step number one
how to delete zoosk account step 2
Step number two
Step number three
Step number four
Step number five
Step number six
Step number seven
Step number eight
Step number nine
Step number 10 (last step)

How to cancel a Zoosk account from Mac & Windows PC

  1. Open your main internet browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Log in to your dating profile.
  4. Click on your profile picture.
  5. Dropdown menu should show up; click on “Account Settings.”
  6. Click on “Account”
  7. Click on “Edit” in Account Status” row.
  8. Click on “Deactivate”
  9. Click on the “Deactivate” button to confirm that you want to cancel your Zoosk account.
  10. Unfortunately, you need to fill out a quick questionnaire, why you are leaving. Fill that, and your account is canceled!

Read this before deactivating your account.

If you have Zoosk subscription, you should cancel it before erasing your account, if you don’t know how to click here for our step by step tutorial.

Also, take into account that if you get rid of your account, your profile will no longer be visible to other users, and you will lose all of your connections on the dating app.

You will lose all your Zoosk coins. If you have some, you should probably spend them before going through this process.

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