What does DnD mean on Tinder? DND Tinder Definition!

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I am sure if you are new to online dating that you are probably not well aware of what does DnD means on Tinder. Or on any dating app for that matter.

What DnD usually means

  1. Do Not Disturb
  2. Dungeons & Dragons
  3. Do Not Delete

These three are the most common meanings of D&D. But on online dating sites, it means quite a different thing.

So what DnD stands for on Tinder?

This image has a grey background and contains this text: "DND tinder definition = dick and dinner."

The full meaning of this is quite sexual, who would have guessed that it has this kind of meaning when it comes to Tinder [Sarcasm]. The abbreviation when it comes to Tinder means
DnD on Tinder stands for Dick And Dinner, aka the ideal date for horny guy. But you can expect this meaning even in texting/sexting.

But truth to be told, not many users know about this “hidden” meaning. We have received quite a few emails where people asked us if we could explain DnD meaning because they have received this abbreviation means if you receive it on Tinder. Because if you google it, you will find all the other meanings, which quite don’t make sense if you receive such a message on Tinder.

Other possible meanings

When it comes to Tinder, from the tests we have conducted, there is a very high chance, and we believe that in more than 90%, it is going to mean Dick & Dinner. But in very few rare cases, the person can actually be looking for someone who is going to play Dungeon & Dragons with him/her. But if you look up the profile on Tinder, it should be self-evident if the person is just horny or nerd.

What does D&D mean in dating?

The abbreviation “D&D” in the dating world means Dick And Dinner, aka the ideal date for horny guys. But you can expect this meaning even in texting/sexting. So don’t fret if your partner sends a naughty pic to you with the D&D acronym written across it – they just might want their dinner and dessert too!

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