What does DnD mean on Tinder? DND Tinder Definition!

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I am sure if you are new to online dating that you are probably not well aware of what does DnD means on Tinder. Or on any dating app for that matter. What DnD usually means Do Not Disturb Dungeons & Dragons Do Not Delete These three are the most common meanings of D&D. But … Read more

Is Tinder Gold Worth it? Or Waste of Money?

Is tinder gold worth it? Read the whole article to find out if this membership plan on tinder app is good or not!

Tinder has several upsells, one of which is Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus, both of these are not for free. And Tinder Gold costs a bit more money than Plus subscription. Let’s look at the features that come with the Gold subscription, and let’s find out if Tinder Gold is worth buying or not! Features … Read more