Is Tinder Gold Worth it? Or Waste of Money?

Tinder has several upsells, one of which is Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus, both of these are not for free. And Tinder Gold costs a bit more money than Plus subscription. Let’s look at the features that come with the Gold subscription, and let’s find out if Tinder Gold is worth buying or not!


Anyone who has a Tinder Gold membership has access to these features:

  • Anyone who has a Tinder Gold membership has access to these features:
  • Rewind
  • Unlimited Right Swipes
  • Super Likes a day
  • No Ads
  • Hide Distance
  • Hide Age
  • Control whom you see
  • Control who sees you
  • Passport
  • Likes You aka Gold Queue [enables you to see who liked you on Tinder]
  • Top Picks

The first nine features are part of Tinder Plus; if you want to read a full review of them, check our Plus subscription review.

Likes You

If you have tinder gold, you will be able to see who likes you on Tinder, if you got to this part of the app, as you can see on these two screenshots from the app next to each other. There's no gold membership on this screenshot, so you see blurred photos instead of clear ones! But this feature might be worth to buy this membership.

This is a pretty straightforward feature, which by many, is one of the essential features of Tinder Gold subscription. With Gold, you will be a┬Ęble to use gold button heart, which will show you who likes you, but you did not find them in the match pool yet. After accessing the gold-hearted button, you will see the full list of profiles who have already swiped right on your profile. The only thing you have to do now is to choose if you are going to swipe left or right. No worries, they will never find out if you have swiped left on them. The only question left is this feature worth the money?

If you have never seen this feature before, you will be able to use it once in a while as a free user. And to be honest, in a free membership plan, this feature works a lot better because after we have tested Tinder Gold in our office on ten different profiles. We have found some mistakes in the Tinder app. Well, maybe they are not mistakes…

We have found out that Tinder Gold shows you in Likes You profiles on which you have already swiped left. This is quite silly, and it does not matter that they have swiped right on you after you have swiped left on them in the first place. The app should memorize this data and not show this profile at all. But we understand why they do that… They want you to lure you in to buy this subscription! 

And by that, we are not saying that the gold membership is a scam. It just has few flaws, which might not be flaws in the end. Anyway, with this, you won’t have to wonder how to see who liked you on Tinder, since you are one tap away from it. But the question, if it is worth it still stands!

Top Picks

is paying for Gold membership worth it? Definitely not for the feature that is shown on these two screenshots [top picks] since it does not work very well

This feature was released back in late 2018, and since then, there were few changes made. But the principle is still the same. Top Picks gives you a list of the best profiles that are the best match for you and your profile. So you don’t have to waste your precious time swiping in your regular match queue.

Each day you will receive a top 10 picks, aka suggested matches for you. Each profile will have the leading photo and one word, which is supposed to highlight what that person is about or what he or she likes. So you can have an idea who that person is without bothering to open their profile. If you are not satisfied with the Top Picks, you can always buy more, but for those you will have to pay extra, they are not covered in a gold subscription.

How does the Top Picks algorithm works?

After testing this membership plan for more than two months, we have awful news. We did not figure out how Tinder picks the profiles for you. We have tested this on several profiles, and we didn’t figure it out. All of them were quite random. The only thing that they had in common was their hotness!

If you thought that you would have a better chance of matching with these people in the Top Picks, you are 100% wrong. You will have precisely the same chance of matching with them as without the Tinder Gold. They will have to find you either in Top Picks or in regular match queue and swipe right on your profile. 

How to get into Tinder top picks

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way to get into Tinder top picks. But we have spent several months testing Tinder, and we were able to get several times into the TOP PICKS of the day. And every time we did, we were on a swipe surge the day before. To get into the selection of the top picks, you need to be very active and receive the day of or the day before a lot of matches. Unfortunately, there is not much that you can do to get there. But if your account is not getting enough matches on a daily bases. We highly recommend changing up your bio and photos to get more matches. And since you are not receiving a lot of matches, you have nothing to lose! This is our short little guide on how to get on tinder top picks. Unfortunately, there is nothing else that you can do. And as we said before, the activity is a must! Well, not a requirement, but it helps a lot! One day one of my coworkers had over 20 matches in a day, and he did not get into the top picks. I got there with fewer matches, but truth to be told, I was a lot more active on Tinder than my coworker with 20 matches.


Tinder gold costs 15$ monthly if you are under 30, if you are over 30 years old you will have to pay for the same membership 30$, which is twice as much, is it worth it? Well that depends, read the full article to find out!

Unfortunately, the pricing is decided by where you live. But if you live in the US, you should expect prices to start at 30$ monthly. If you buy it for six months, you will receive 33% off, and if you sign up for a whole year, you will receive somewhere around 65% off. 

If you are over 30, these prices will probably be a bit higher for you. Unfortunately, this is one of Tinder’s policies. The price for one month of Gold should start for you at 30$ a month.

Can you buy tinder gold with an iTunes gift card?

Yes, we have tested this our selves. You will be able to buy with iTunes gift card on iOS only. Android users won’t be able to upgrade their membership plan with the iTunes Gift card. Luckily since the beginning of this year, you can also buy your membership on google play with Google Play Gift cards!

Is Tinder Gold Worth the money in the end?

After extended testing on several profiles, we agree that Tinder Gold is definitely worth the money compared with Tinder Plus. Since both of the features that are “extra” are not working very well if at all. 

Who can benefit from Tinder Gold

Suppose you have been using Tinder for a very long time. There could be an argument made that you have so many people in the “Like You” tab that it might be worth it. But other than that, there is pretty much no reason to waste money on Gold subscription. 

If you have money to burn, then sure, go ahead and buy it. It might save you a tiny bit of time. But other than that, there is no benefit.

Please keep in mind that Gold membership won’t give you these:

  • more views
  • more likes
  • you will not receive a better match suggestions

Is paying for Gold membership worth it?

Well, that depends on you and your needs as we have described above this!

If you decide to buy it, buy it just for one month to test it first of all. And second of all the only useable feature is the “Likes You” tab and for that, you don’t need more than a month.