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Tinder has revolutionized the dating world with its simple swipe-right or swipe-left feature. However, there’s another feature that’s been making waves – the Super Like. Have you ever wondered how Super Like works on Tinder and what makes it different from a regular like? If yes, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll explain what Super Like is, how it works, and why it’s worth using. So, keep reading to find out why Super Like is a game-changer for Tinder users.

How does Super Like work on Tinder?

Tinder, the world’s most popular dating app, revolutionized online dating with its unique swiping feature. The app allows users to swipe right or left on potential matches, indicating their interest or disinterest. However, in 2015, the company introduced a new feature called Super Like, which took swiping to the next level.

What is Super Like?

Super Like is a feature on Tinder that allows users to express their interest in someone beyond the usual swipe right. By swiping up or tapping the blue star icon on a user’s profile, you send them a notification that you’re super interested in them. This notification appears as a blue border around their profile picture with a message that says, “You’ve been Super Liked.”

How does Super Like help you stand out?

Super Like is a powerful tool in the Tinder dating world. It helps users stand out from the crowd and increases the chances of getting a match. When a user receives a Super Like, it’s a clear indication that the person is interested in them. Since Super Likes are limited, it shows that the user has put genuine thought into the decision.

Super Likes also help users get noticed in the crowded Tinder ecosystem. With millions of users swiping every day, it’s easy for profiles to get lost in the shuffle. A Super Like cuts through the noise and puts the user’s profile front and center, making it more likely that they’ll get a match.

How many Super Likes do you get?

Tinder offers users one free Super Like per day, which resets at midnight. However, users can purchase more Super Likes through the app’s in-app purchase system. Prices vary depending on the user’s location and age, but generally, Super Likes cost more than regular likes.

Can you undo a Super Like?

Yes, Tinder allows users to undo a Super Like if they change their mind. To do this, simply swipe left on the user’s profile or tap the blue star icon again, and the Super Like will be removed. This feature is helpful if a user accidentally Super Likes someone or if they change their mind after the fact.

How do you know if someone Super Liked you?

If someone Super Likes you, you’ll receive a notification that says, “You’ve been Super Liked” along with a blue border around their profile picture. This notification will appear on the app’s main screen and in the user’s message inbox.

Do Super Likes increase your chances of getting a match?

Yes, Super Likes increase your chances of getting a match on Tinder. According to the company, users who send a Super Like are three times more likely to get a match than those who don’t. Super Likes are a powerful tool that helps users stand out in the crowded world of online dating.


Super Like is a unique feature on Tinder that helps users stand out and increase their chances of getting a match. With its limited availability, Super Likes show that users have put genuine thought into their decision and are genuinely interested in a potential match. Whether you’re looking for a serious relationship or just a casual fling, Super Likes are a valuable tool to have in your dating arsenal.

Frequently Asked Questions

### How does super like work on Tinder?

Super like is a premium feature on Tinder which allows users to show a higher level of interest in someone they come across on the app. When a user super likes someone, that person receives a notification that someone has super liked them. This notification will appear as a blue star next to the user’s profile picture. The person who received the super like can then choose to either ignore it, swipe left, or swipe right to match with the user who super liked them. If they swipe right, the two users will be matched and can start chatting. Users get one free super like per day, and can purchase more if they wish.

### Can someone see if I have super liked them on Tinder?

Yes, the person you have super liked on Tinder will receive a notification that you have super liked them. This notification will appear as a blue star next to your profile picture in their card stack. They can then choose to either ignore it, swipe left, or swipe right to match with you. If they swipe right, you will be matched and can start chatting. It’s important to note that super liking someone does not guarantee a match, but it does increase your chances of getting one.

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