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In today’s digital age, dating apps have become an integral part of the dating scene. With the convenience of swiping left or right, it’s easy to get caught up in the number of likes you receive on OkCupid. But, have you ever stopped to wonder how many likes on OkCupid is considered a good number? In this article, we will explore the importance of likes on OkCupid, what it means for your dating success, and how you can improve your chances of getting more likes. Keep reading to find out more!

How Many Likes on OkCupid?

If you’re familiar with online dating, you’ve likely heard of OkCupid. One of the most popular dating apps on the market, OkCupid has gained a reputation for being user-friendly and inclusive. But for those new to the app, you might be wondering: how many likes on OkCupid do you need to be successful?

Understanding OkCupid Likes

Before we dive into the numbers, it’s important to understand what likes on OkCupid actually mean. When you like someone on the app, it’s an indication that you’re interested in getting to know them better. If the other person likes you back, it’s a match, and you can start messaging each other.

OkCupid also uses likes to help determine your compatibility with other users. The app uses a complex algorithm to match users based on factors like interests, values, and lifestyle. The more likes you receive, the more likely you are to be matched with someone who shares your interests.

How Many Likes Do You Get on OkCupid?

So, how many likes can you expect to receive on OkCupid? It really depends on a variety of factors, including your age, gender, location, and profile quality.

According to OkCupid’s own data, the average male user receives just 0.6 likes per day, while the average female user receives 18 likes per day. This discrepancy is due in part to the fact that there are more men than women on the app, which means that women are often inundated with likes and messages.

However, it’s worth noting that these are just averages. Your experience on the app may be very different depending on your individual circumstances. For example, if you’re a young, attractive woman living in a major city, you may receive far more likes than the average user. On the other hand, if you’re an older man living in a rural area, you may receive very few likes.

What Should You Do with Your OkCupid Likes?

Once you start receiving likes on OkCupid, it’s important to know how to handle them. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your likes:

  • Respond to them promptly: If someone likes you on OkCupid, it’s a good indication that they’re interested in getting to know you better. Make sure to respond to likes and messages in a timely manner to keep the conversation flowing.
  • Be discerning: Not all likes are created equal. Some users may like you simply because they find you attractive, while others may be genuinely interested in getting to know you. Take the time to read users’ profiles and determine whether they’re a good match for you before responding.
  • Don’t get discouraged: It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of likes (or lack thereof) on OkCupid. Remember that dating is a numbers game, and not everyone you match with will be a perfect fit. Keep an open mind and don’t get discouraged if you don’t find your perfect match right away.


So, how many likes on OkCupid do you need to be successful? The truth is, there’s no magic number. Your success on the app depends on a variety of factors, including your individual circumstances and how you choose to use the app. But by following the tips above and staying open-minded, you can increase your chances of finding the perfect match on OkCupid.

Frequently Asked Questions

### How many likes on OkCupid are allowed for free users?

Free users on OkCupid are allowed to like up to 10 profiles per day. However, if a user wants to like more profiles, they can upgrade to a paid subscription.

### How do I see how many likes I have on OkCupid?

To see how many likes you have on OkCupid, you need to upgrade to a paid subscription. With a paid subscription, you can see who has liked your profile and how many likes you have received. Without a paid subscription, you will only be notified if someone likes your profile.

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