How to get a guy to like you: 10 Techniques To Make him fall in love

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Do you know How To Get A Guy To Like You? If you want to know how to become an attractive and irresistible girl, you’re looking at the right page.

You can follow the steps below to improve your abilities in dealing with the opposite sex well and in making them adore you more.

How To Get A Guy To Like You

1. Build Your Confidence

You need to be comfortable being yourself and discover the beauty hidden in you. You will not be able to attract people if you feel bad about yourself or if you are not confident that they have reasons to recognize your goodness or beauty. Follow the steps below to build your confidence and to be more appealing:

  • Improve your physical appearance by wearing decent and clean clothes as well as by practice good hygiene. You don’t need to wear expensive apparel as you need to dress up in your style and ensure that you look good.
  • Improve your posture and be more enthusiastic about the things you do, especially in dealing with other people.
  • Develop your strengths and qualities and try to work on your weaknesses.

2. Make It Clear You Are Available

This will let single men know that you are not taken and have a chance to date you. Single men are usually attracted to available women, and if they have no idea what your relationship status is, they might end up looking for other women.

3. Make Him To Notice You

Catching someone’s attention can be easy and can be a great start in making yourself appealing. When you don’t do something, he will never know that you exist. You can make eye contact, smile, and show little interest in having a small talk. You can even make yourself highly noticeable when you crack a good joke as it can make him remember you and the laughs you made together.

4. Be A Friend

Once you are already or continuously hanging out with someone trying to be his friend as it will allow you both to get to know each other. You should treat him as if you treat your friends and do not be overly aggressive to take initiatives that will scare him. You can establish a romantic connection, but don’t make it too visible.

5. Do Things Together

Spending time with your new friend can be a great way to build a great relationship. Find out what you have in common, and open your mind to joining him to do what he loves. There are plenty of activities that you can enjoy together, creating a bond between you and him.

6. Mingle With His Friends

This is only applicable if he brings you along to hang out with his friends or if you already know some of them. And if you do try to be friendly, warm, and decent when dealing with them. Ensure that you leave a positive impression on his friends as it can make him think that you are a great girl.

7. Don’t Be Easily, Always Available

Men don’t usually exert effort or be interested in women who are absolutely not challenging or always available. When you are still there when he wants you, your moments together will be uneventful and ordinary, and he will never be excited to see you or talk to you. Make him think that you are giving him special time and attention and not always on call.

8. Be Patient

Never try desperately doing everything to make him date you. Do not hurry things as building a relationship even if it’s just a friendly one takes time. Give him space and try to let things progress naturally.

9. Don’t Be The First One To Confess

You may compliment him for the admirable traits or great appearance that he has but never confess that you are so into him unless he acknowledges his feelings first. This is not playing too hard to get; it is making him fall harder for you.

10. Deal With The Consequences

The thing about having someone as your object of interest is that you can never expect him to reciprocate the affection that you have for him. He can be a part of your world, but it doesn’t mean that he can make you part of his. Even if he ends up just being your friend, try to be still the best person that everyone loves.

How to Flirt With Guys and Make Him Fall for You!

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