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Ashley Madison, the infamous online dating site for people seeking extramarital affairs, took the world by storm when it was first launched in 2001. However, the site suffered a major data breach in 2015, which compromised the personal information of millions of its users. Since then, many have speculated whether Ashley Madison still exists or if it has faded into obscurity. In this article, we will explore the current status of Ashley Madison and delve into why it’s still relevant today. So, if you’re curious about the fate of the notorious dating platform, keep reading to find out more.

Is Ashley Madison Still a Thing?

Ashley Madison, the controversial dating site that made headlines in 2015 for a massive data breach, is still around today. But the question remains: is it still relevant, and is it still a viable option for those seeking affairs?

Background: What is Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison, founded in 2001, is a dating site marketed towards individuals seeking extramarital affairs. The site gained notoriety in 2015 when a group of hackers calling themselves “The Impact Team” breached the site’s security and released the personal information of its users. The leak exposed the identities and sexual preferences of millions of Ashley Madison users, causing widespread scandal and even leading to some suicides.

After the data breach, Ashley Madison faced a wave of negative publicity and lost many of its users. The company faced multiple lawsuits and paid out millions in settlements. But despite the scandal, Ashley Madison is still around today.

Current State of Ashley Madison

So, is Ashley Madison still a thing? The answer is yes, but it’s not quite the same site it once was. In the aftermath of the data breach, Ashley Madison underwent a major rebranding effort. The site’s logo, which once featured a woman with a finger to her lips in a “shhh” gesture, was replaced with a more discreet, abstract icon. The site also changed its marketing tactics, shifting away from its “Life is short. Have an affair.” slogan and positioning itself as a dating site for people in open relationships.

In addition to these changes, Ashley Madison also implemented new security measures to protect user data. The site now requires users to verify their email addresses and has implemented two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized logins.

Despite these efforts, the fallout from the data breach has had a lasting impact on Ashley Madison’s user base. The site’s membership reportedly dropped from 39 million in 2015 to around 17 million in 2019. However, the site has seen a recent uptick in users during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to increased stress and strain on many relationships.

Controversy and Criticism

Ashley Madison has long been a controversial site, with critics calling it immoral and unethical. The site has faced multiple lawsuits, including one from a former employee who claimed that Ashley Madison created fake female profiles to lure men into paying for memberships. The site has also been accused of promoting infidelity and contributing to the breakdown of marriages.

In recent years, Ashley Madison has faced increased competition from other dating sites catering to individuals in open relationships, such as OpenMinded and PolyamoryDate. These sites have positioned themselves as more ethical alternatives to Ashley Madison, emphasizing the importance of honesty and communication in non-monogamous relationships.


So, is Ashley Madison still a thing? The answer is yes, but it’s not without controversy and criticism. While the site has made efforts to rebrand itself and improve security, the fallout from the 2015 data breach has had a lasting impact on its reputation and user base. Whether or not Ashley Madison is a viable option for those seeking affairs is a matter of personal opinion, but it’s clear that the site’s controversial history continues to haunt it to this day.

Frequently Asked Questions

### Is Ashley Madison still operating?
Yes, Ashley Madison is still operating. The website and app are still available for users to sign up and use.

### Is Ashley Madison safe to use?
Ashley Madison has implemented several security measures to ensure the safety and privacy of its users. However, as with any online platform, there is always a risk of potential security breaches. It is important for users to take necessary precautions, such as using strong passwords and not sharing personal information, to protect themselves.

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