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Are you thinking about joining aff dating? And you don’t want to spend too much money on your membership? If you have answered both of these yes, we have great news for you and please continue reading this article about adult friend finder discount.

Is there any working promo code for adult friend finder

Now in this part, we are going to disappoint you quite a bit. There is no discount code for this site at the moment. We have gone through the first 500 results of Google, and we have found 0 working coupon codes! That is the sad part. But the good thing is that few days we have published an article on how to get free membership, if you are interested in that, read this post.

Adult Friend Finder promo code is non existing, but don't lose hopes, you can still get 100% discount with our private method

But there is one more way to do this. Would you like a Gold membership on Adult Friend If yes, here is a little guide on how you can get this $39.95 membership free of any charge!

Get 100% Discount on Gold Membership

To receive gold membership for free, you need to have free membership first, if you do not have one, click here. If you do have one, this method should get a new one. But again, that is up to you. Only most visitors provided us with feedback that it is easier to do this on a new account.

Adult Friend Finder coupon code does not exist, but there is a way how to get 100% discount, for that you need to earn 4 000 points

Right now, you are signed up. Hopefully, you have also email verify your account. What now?

11 steps to 100% Discount

  1. Upload up to five pictures. For each photo, you will be credited with 100 points, and you can’t earn more than 500.
  2. Upload at least five videos. For each video, you will be credited with 100-200 points. This is the main reason for a new account, and they receive more points. But if you have received less than 200, you will have to upload more videos until you reach 1000 points from videos, which is maximum.
  3. Go to your profile and answer all of the additional questions; you will earn 300 points.
  4. Create ten blog posts, and you will earn a max reward of 300 points for all ten blogs.
  5. Preferably find new blog posts and comment on 10 of them, that should yield in another 300 points.
  6. Post in 10 different groups, keep in mind that these posts should have some value if they do, you will receive 300 points.
  7. Don’t close the groups and comment on ten different posts, and you will earn another 300 pts.
  8. Reply to 10 magazine questions to get the maximum reward of 300 points.
  9. Hopefully, you are still in magazines, vote on ten magazine replies to get 200 extra points.
  10. Do the same voting, only on articles now to get 200 pts.
  11. Here is the last thing you need to perform to receive a 100% discount on Gold Membership at Post 150 comments on photos and videos to get the last 300 points that you need. (The maximum is 1000 for this task, so you can keep commenting 🙂 )

Now, after all of these tasks, you will have 4000 points, which you can exchange for Gold membership for one month. Does it take a while to complete all of these tasks? Yes, we have tried it, and if you have a fast pc and internet connection, you can do it under 2 hours. But some visitors reported to us that it took them more than 6 hours to do this. Are you bored at school or at work? You can easily do it in that time 🙂

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