How to Delete Matches on Tinder [[year] Guide to Unmatching]

how to delete matches on tinder 4 steps guide

Tinder has become an infamous social app to meet people near you quickly. But sometimes, when you’re playing sporadically, your matches list of cards can pile up and get outdated. You may also have decided that you don’t want to connect with a match anymore. It is possible to delete the match in that case. … Read more

how to delete tinder from Facebook & Smartphone

How to delete tinder from facebook in 6 steps [guide]

Finding romance in the 21st century has never been more fun and engaging when Tinder arrived. Now, finding potential dates is as easy as swiping right on a smartphone screen. Many have already have found love, romance, and even marriage because of the app, and many more are dreaming of finding the right ONE with … Read more

5 Unique Women’s Arm Tattoo Design Ideas


Tattoos have become more common beauty spots for women, especially for their arms and legs, and it has been mainstream in this modern society. It gives your body an excellent look and adds a stylish, natural, and trendy touch to your body according to the type of tattoo chosen. Day by day, more and more … Read more

5 Awesome Creative Leg Tattoos Ideas For Women


In this world of modernization and technology, women love to be more stylish and trendy consequently. They are really looking for something diverse and modern. As a part of it, women are now more concerned about their beauty and choosing tattoos to enhance their beauty has been a fashion nowadays. Tattoos have been playing a … Read more

Tinder Search Guide – How to Find Someone on Tinder

Tinder search method, learn how to find out if someone is on Tinder!

Another from our tutorial series, today, we’re going to teach you how to search someone’s profile on the Tinder app without even signing up for a new account. First, we thought it was weird to write about this, but lately, we have received quite a few emails about finding out if my new boyfriend is … Read more

Ear Cartilage Piercing Information & Aftercare

ear cartilage piercing information and aftercare.Don't worry. We will explain everything step by step from choosing a piercing to how to deal with aftercar

What is an Ear Cartilage Piercing? Cartilage is essential a connective tissue, which is a lot harder than our skin, but way weaker than teeth. Typically upper ear piercing goes through cartilage, and it is quite hard to get pierced. In the last few years, these types of piercing become very popular. Not only due … Read more

What is Tinder and How to use it safely in [year]!

Suppose you are new to online dating or maybe just to Tinder. You’ve landed on a perfect article, and we will explain to you what Tinder is, and then we will discuss how you can safely use such an app. Maybe you ask why “safely,” but you would not believe how many scams and fraud … Read more

How to Delete Tinder Account Permanently in [year]

How to Delete Tinder Account Permanently in 2020. How pausing your account works & What hiding means!

We sincerely hope you have found the love of your life and that you need to get rid of the Tinder app. If you are trying to delete your Tinder profile for different reasons, we understand entirely. Our office was testing this app for several months, and we have found every single upside and downside … Read more

Tinder Profile Search in Chrome browser Ultimate tutorial

tinder profile search chrome, is even such a thing possible?

Lately, we have received so many emails from you our readers about how to profile search on Tinder in Chrome browser on PC or Mac. Where to download Tinder Profile Search Chrome browser extension If you want to download this Google Chrome browser extension, click here.Please just take into account that this is not an … Read more

Tinder for Windows Phone – Where & How to Download

main content on this image is big bold text:"TINDER FOR WINDOWS PHONE - WHERE & HOW TO DOWNLOAD"

In early 2014 we were promised to have a Tinder app for window’s smartphones. Unfortunately, several years later, there is still no official tinder application for these kinds of smartphones. Can you use Tinder on Windows phone? It might seem odd since there was no app released. But you can still enjoy Tinder on your … Read more