Windows 10 Warns Users: Not to Install Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

After the latest update, when you try to download google chrome, you will receive the following message. “You already have Microsoft Edge – the safer, faster browser for Windows 10”. There is no reason why Windows 10 should warn you about this. Chrome is not malware, and Firefox is also a popular browser. The use of “warning” is quite too much.

Some of the default around how apps are delivered to your computer has changed. You need to go to settings -> Apps and there used to be an option “Allow apps from anywhere” which was a default setting and other options:

  • warn before installing apps from outside the store
  • Allow apps from the store only

New options:

  • Turn off app recommendations
  • Show me app recommendations [default]
  • Warn me before installing apps from outside the store
  • Allow apps from the store only

Microsoft has changed in Windows 10 the default from “allow me to install apps from anywhere,” to “Show me app recommendations.” This means that every time you intend to use software that you want to use, Windows 10 has permission to annoy you with warnings and recommendations to their crappy programs.

Since Microsoft Edge is one of the worst browsers, and Microsoft store is not used at all, Microsoft started burying advertising within the system. This shows that Microsoft is not thinking about the long run; this will only annoy users and make them look for other options.

When will be this update live?

This version will be released in October 2018 update of Windows 10, but currently is available to Windows 10 insiders, who have reported this issue. But there is a 99% chance that this feature will stay within this update, which is quite sad. This feature is a way to complex to get rid of within a few weeks.