Wi-Fi 6 will be soon released: Here’s what you should expect

Wi-Fi 6 will bring us a lot more than just a new naming system. The accurate term for Wi.FI 6 is 802.11ax if you are old-schooler like I am.  As always, with a new generation of Wi-Fi, there are two critical areas of improvement. Throughout and speed and both of them are going to be literally on the next level. Wi-Fi 6 is going to support streaming videos in 8K resolution. Which in real life means that Wi-Fi 6 will support transfer rates of 1,1Gbit/s over the 2.4Ghz band and also 4,8Gbit/s over the 5Ghz band.

These numbers might even go up since the launch will be next year, there is still a lot of time to improve because in labs they were allegedly hitting 10Gbit/s. But even if the numbers stay the same, your Wi-Fi speed should improve 4-10 times.

Speed is not the only thing that will be improved significantly. Wi-Fi 6 is going to need a lower power draw, which might even show up on our electricity bills.

Wi-Fi 6 should also provide better performance in crowded places, but that will also depend on how many walls, microwaves are around you, and of course, people streaming will have the final impact on your internet speed. Still, there will be an improvement in this area. It is quite hard to say exactly since Wi-Fi 6 has yet to be finalized.

When will be Wi-FI 6 out?

When we say next year, there will be released Wi-Fi 6 devices. But it might take several months or maybe even year or two before everyone else catches up. Hopefully, your internet provider will be one of the first ones.