Locked screen on iPhone can be easily hacked on iOS 12

Apple always advertised their iPhones as highly secure devices, which makes this little bit more hilarious, when even the new iPhones after the latest iOS update are not hard to beat security vise.

Recently was posted this youtube video, which shows that it is possible to bypass a locked screen on iPhone with iOS 12 without having the password and easily access to photos and contacts.

Jose Rodrigues, a security researcher, found a sneaky way how to beat iPhone’s security. His process requires invoking Siri to enable Voiceover. After that, he sends a message from another device to the iPhone. After this process, he double-taps at the right moment, which gives you access to features and commands, which you should not be able to access. Yes, they are invisible behind a white screen, but you can still Operate them by swiping across the screen. One of these then enables you access to the iPhone’s contacts. The little more complicated process will let you access pictures on the iPhone, it is quite more complicated than accessing contacts, but you won’t need any special equipment for it.

The first video was in Spanish, and it was done on iPhone 8, but recently came out a new video from channel EverythingApplePro, which clearly shows that the same bug is on iPhone XS Max with the latest iOS version 12.

Of course, the attacker would need physical access to the iPhone and a few minutes to perform this process, but it is not something totally out of the question. I am sure that you asked in a restaurant, cafĂ©, or bar to charge your iPhone as well as I did. Luckily this hack won’t give attackers complete control of the locked iPhone, but even this is quite a serious security issue.

Original Spanish video