Google Inbox will be terminated in March

Google Inbox is a secondary email app from Google, which will be terminated next year in March.

Gmail has several features, which have originated within Google Inbox. For example, “snoozing “an email, which will re-appear at a certain time or the “Smart Compose feature “that helps you in efficiently replying to emails.

What is next for Gmail?

Google has announced that we may see many functions from Google Inbox in Gmail in the future. The major feature which is missing is “bundling “emails into groups by topics, such as unconfirmed orders or upcoming events.

Google Inbox was launched in 2014, and it never got traction as Gmail did. But still, it was a product from Google, which had and has hundreds of thousands of satisfied users. In some ways, Google Inbox was a testing ground for functions and features that were later added into Gmail.

How to move from Google Inbox to Gmail?

Fortunately, Google made a guide on how to transition from Google Inbox to Gmail, if you’re still using Google Inbox read this guide before Google discontinues Google Inbox.

Why is Gmail more popular?

In many ways, Google Inbox is superior to Gmail since it is a newer app. But for years now Gmail was a preset email for Google play store for Android users and in a similar way was preset for creating an account or logging into Google Chrome. This is the main reason why more users are using Gmail, and making a transition for millions of users from Gmail to Google Inbox doesn’t make sense.