How to Search on Zoosk Without Joining! [[year] Guide]

After publishing a guide on how to get a free trial on Zoosk, we have received quite a few emails if we can publish a guide on how to search Zoosk without signing up(anonymously), and here it is. If it wasn’t evident, yes, it is possible to do this without having an account on their app. Enough talking, let us get to the tutorial.

Can you search on Zoosk without signing up? Yes, you can!

How to Zoosk search without registering in 5 simple steps

  1. Open browser
  2. Go to URL:
  3. Go to images
  4. Type this: “ [profile username]” in search quory (type without “” and also without [])
  5. Your google search should look like this: 

You can alternatively copy the URL above and change the username for the user name that could be used by the profile you are searching for! This is the only anonymous method that you can use without signing up for a fake account. Still, with a fake account, you leave far more traces than if you do this with a browser. If you want to do it as anonymously as possible, you can do this with Tor or use a VPN.