Why can’t i see who liked me on Tinder

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Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps worldwide with millions of users. It offers a simple and fun way to meet new people online by swiping right or left on profiles. One of the features that users are curious about is the ability to see who liked them on the app. However, many users have been wondering why they can’t see who liked them on Tinder. This article will explain why this feature is not available on the app and provide some tips to help you get more matches. Keep reading to find out more.

Why Can’t I See Who Liked Me on Tinder?

If you’re an avid Tinder user, you may have noticed that the app doesn’t allow you to see who liked you until you’ve matched with that person. This can be frustrating, especially if you’re curious about who’s interested in you but don’t want to swipe right on everyone just to find out.

So, why can’t you see who liked you on Tinder? There are a few reasons why the app operates this way, as well as some potential workarounds that may help you get more information about your likes.

Privacy Concerns

One of the main reasons why Tinder doesn’t show you who liked you is privacy concerns. When you swipe left or right on someone’s profile, that action is private between the two of you. If Tinder were to allow users to see who liked them before matching, it could potentially lead to awkward or uncomfortable situations.

For example, if you saw that someone you weren’t interested in had liked you, they may feel rejected or embarrassed if you never match with them. Additionally, if someone you’re not interested in sees that you’ve liked them, they may feel pressured to swipe right on you out of politeness, even if they’re not actually interested.

By keeping the identities of your likes private until you’ve both matched, Tinder helps to preserve user privacy and avoid potential awkwardness.

Encouraging Active Swiping

Another reason why Tinder doesn’t show you who liked you is to encourage active swiping. If you were able to see all of your likes at once, you might be less likely to spend time swiping through profiles and engaging with the app.

By keeping your likes hidden, Tinder encourages you to keep swiping and engaging with the app in order to find out who’s interested in you. This helps to keep users active on the platform and ultimately leads to more matches and successful connections.

Potential Workarounds

While Tinder doesn’t allow you to see who liked you before you’ve matched, there are a few potential workarounds that may help you get more information about your likes.

One option is to use a third-party app or website that claims to show you who liked you on Tinder. However, these services are often unreliable and may not be safe to use, as they require you to log in to your Tinder account and share your personal information.

Another option is to use Tinder’s paid subscription service, Tinder Gold. This premium feature allows you to see who’s liked you before you’ve swiped on their profile, as well as other exclusive features like unlimited swipes and the ability to change your location.

While Tinder Gold can be a bit pricey, it may be worth it if you’re serious about finding a match and want to get more information about your likes.


In summary, Tinder doesn’t show you who liked you for privacy reasons and to encourage active swiping. While there are potential workarounds like third-party apps and Tinder Gold, these options may not be reliable or safe to use.

Ultimately, the best way to find out who likes you on Tinder is to keep swiping and engaging with the app. By staying active and open to new connections, you’ll increase your chances of finding a match and making a meaningful connection on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

### Why can’t I see who liked me on Tinder?

Tinder’s free version does not provide the option to see who liked you. You need to purchase a Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus subscription to access this feature.

### Can I see who I liked on Tinder?

Yes, you can see who you liked on Tinder. You can access the list of people you’ve liked by going to your profile and tapping on the heart icon. However, you cannot see who liked you unless you have a paid Tinder subscription.

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