Does Tinder Notify When You Screenshot? [ SOLVED [year]]

Did you have a funny conversation on Tinder? Or do you want to screenshot the profile on Tinder and send it to a friend? You might be wondering if Tinder notifies that person about the screenshot you took. And it is absolutely valid, Snapchat has this feature for years. And if you go on Reddit, there are quite a few conspiracy theories about this.

Luckily, during our Tinder test, we were able to match with people from our office, and we have tested this!

So what is it? Does Tinder notify screenshots of conversations?

We totally understand your fear. It would be quite weird to explain why are you screenshotting the conversation. And it would most likely kill the conversation. Not only that, but your match could also think that you are sending this to your friends or even worse, he or she might think that you want to create some kind of meme from this conversation… 

Luckily, we have tested this for you. And you can screenshot all the conversations you want on Tinder, and your match will receive 0 notifications about it. You might be wondering if the same rules apply to profiles!

Does Tinder tell you when someone screenshots profile?

No, they don’t, the same rules apply as with conversations. If you take a screenshot of the profile or profile photos, the user won’t be notified about this.

Does Tinder Notify About Screenshots?
No, they don't!

Can you screenshot on Tinder both on smartphones and computers?

Yes, you can screenshot on Tinder on iPhone and even Android devices. And obviously you can do it on your windows PC or Mac.

How to take screenshots on Tinder

As we have mentioned before, you can do this, and you don’t need any kind of app to do this! And you don’t even have to have Gold membership plan to do it!

Tinder screenshot notification.How to set it up?
As of yet in 2020, you can set up in your Tinder account to receive notifications if someone takes a screenshot of your profile.

How to do it on iOS

If you have a smart device running on iOS, taking a screenshot is a relatively simple task, here is how:

Go to the Tinder and scroll down to the part of the conversation or profile you want to take a screenshot.

Press & hold the power button on the right side and, at the same time, tap on the home button.

Vuola, you’ve done it! You have your first screenshot of Tinder.

How to do it on Android

Go to the part of the Tinder that you want to capture.

Hold the power button and Decrease the volume button at the same time for a second

Vuola, here is your screenshot.

How to do it on Windows

Simply press the “PrtSc” button on your keyboard if you want to edit the image and crop the Tinder conversation since it will take a screenshot of your whole screen. Open Paint or any other image editor and press Ctrl + v. If you want to send the entire screen to a friend, do the same in Facebook conversation.

How to do it on Mac

If you are using Tinder on Mac, you will need to press the following combo to take a screen capture: Shitf->Command->5 on your keyboard.

Tinders Policy

This article is up to date in the year 2020. But their app and their policy are updated several times per year. If you want to stay up to date, bookmark this article and check it once in a while. Whenever they release a new update, we retest these basic things and methods that we have shared on our website to help you with your online dating venture!