Spdate is a Scam! Review after testing Spdating in [year]!

Recently we have received a few emails if she could review Spdate. At first, we thought of discovering an excellent hookup site with a prominent United States audience. But could we be more wrong, oh, boy. There is so much wrong with this website. Unfortunately, if you are looking for an online dating site or as we have earlier mentioned hook up app, this is not the one you want to sing upon. 

We highly recommend you to try Adult Friend Finder or Ashley Madison, which we have both reviewed on our website.

Fake Spdate reviews

Unfortunately, all the reviews of Spdate that we were able to find online are fake. Every single review is recommending this website, which is hilarious and sad at the same time. You may wonder why. 

We’ve signed up on Spdate to prove that it is a scam

All of us in the office created an account. These are well crafted with professional photos since we do this quite often, and all of them are real if we need to post real photos during the test. And unlike other dating sites, we have received quite a lot of messages both on male and female profiles, which is not that often, if at all.

Usually, it takes an hour or two to receive messages on female accounts, and our male colleagues often receive first messages during the first 6 hours or so. In the Spdate case, we have received first messages just after filling our profiles and uploading profile photos.

All of us at our office were excited, and we all started chatting, and more and more messages were showing up. Not only that, but we were also receiving quite a fast reply from all accounts. We were receiving a message from a new profile every two minutes for the first half an hour. All of us!

But after trying to chat with few “people,” we have quickly realized that these are not people, all of them were fake profiles, and some kind of chatbot was answering. 

Every single chat was pretty much the same. After exchanging one or two messages, we have received a naked or teasing photo with a question. The funny thing was that the clothes that were the photo were the same as on the profile photos in 90% of the cases. Another hilarious coincidence is that every single profile had two profile photos, but you can upload up to 10 photos.

Are you convinced now?

Not yet? Ok. 

To confirm our suspicion, we have signed up for a new profile, and instead of our profile photo, we have posted a meme. And we did write a single word into our bio.

We have received the same horny messages. After one or two exchanged messages, we have received a naked or half-naked photo. The conversation led nowhere and did not make any sense at all. 

And there we found where the real scam is

Not only that, but the website is also filled with ads, we will talk about that later. But they also try to scam you out of almost 100$. After exchanging 4-10 messages, we have received another photo, on which there was a sign that we need to authenticate our age. To “verify” your age, you need to input your credit card. If you do this and click on verify. You will receive one day free trial of their membership. After 24 hours, your membership will renew automatically for $39.99. If you have nod opted out from the free bonus, you have received two free trials, both of which will renew automatically for $29.99 monthly one after three days the other after seven days.

This is official text from their webiste:

That is why this website is a scam, and they are trying to scam you for $99.97 bucks within the first eight days. But these subscriptions won’t stop charging you each month until you cancel them. Also, they charge it as a paygate24.net. So it will probably take a while till you find out from your cardholder statements where this money is going and that you are being scammed.

We wish that we could screen record for youtube. But we would get banned for nudity, and we can’t share it here due to copyright laws. At the end of this article, we will share the rewritten conversations we had on this site with you for fun.

Don’t even sign up on their website

You may wonder why we are advising this to you. But even though it is a membership site, it is filled with banner and push ads. Not only that, but your email address will also be spammed by promotional emails. Your browser will be spammed if you are not using an ad blocker. But even with adblocker, your screen will be spammed with banner ads and frequently asked if you want to receive push ads. If you’re going to go through all of this, go ahead, sign up and see for yourself that SPdating is fake.

What is Spdate

As we were trying to explain in this whole article, this is not a real dating app or site. Even though they have both, both of them are filled with ads, fake profiles, and the whole verification scam, where they are trying to lure you into getting your credit card details in—offering you a free trial for few days, with recurring payments and out of the bloom you are paying them $99.97 monthly. There are so many good dating and hookup sites out there. If you are interested in joining some, check out our reviews or sites we have mentioned at the beginning of this article. But skip this site. 

Spdate Messages

After rewriting these, we firmly believe that these replies are from a spam bot. But there are also so many grammatical errors that we incline to think that there is a tiny chance that these are some cheap freelancers from third world countries. It could even be chatbot programmed in third world country, which would explain the messages don’t always make sense to what we have written, and it would also explain the grammar errors. Anyway, it might be a fun read.

Here is one example of a conversation on Spdate website with 

Spdate messages from amy part 1
Spdate messages from amy part 2

If you have found this funny or you would like to see other chats, click here and read the rest of the messages from Spdate.