Hookup Clearance ID: Do you need one in 2023?

In the past, we have received so many emails on how to get a hookup clearance ID free of any charges. We started inspecting this, and we have some good news with some bad news for some people.

Is a hookup ID clearance a real thing?

Unfortunately, it is not a real thing. We have tried several sites which offer these kinds of services, and none of them seemed to work.

After finding this out, we have created a survey on our site, and we have received over 6000 responses, and we are very thankful for that. In this survey, we needed to ask if they are using any dating site or an app. We’ve needed this to have solid data, and luckily over 90% of survey responders were currently using dating apps or had in the past. We’ve also asked them if they have ever been asked to provide someone a hookup ID or any kind of certificate or a badge. None of the responders has been asked this on an actual dating site.

Is a hookup id real thing? Unfortunately we cannot recommend you to buy such a thing

What else did we found out?

After finding this out, we have started our online research and what we have found or better what we did not found. There is no reason to think that getting any kind of hookup clearance/badge/ID does not make sense, and it is not needed.

Is it safe to get one?

Well, that depends where you get one, but we strongly advise against it. We’ve found a few instances where people were receiving recurring charges for years. That could be because they bought it from a super shady website, but since this badge or whatever you want to call it, it is not needed.

Is the website safe casual dating legit?

So far, we don’t have enough data to make conclusions, unfortunately. But we have been researching them for quite some time. But as of yet, as we said, we can’t make any statements about this. We have found several good reviews, but also quite a few bad ones. Currently, we are trying to find people who have dealt with them in the past. But websites that specialize in website health don’t recommend visiting their website.

What is a hookup badge?

It should have been an ID or security clearance for online dating. Or they are trying to sell it in that way. If you want to know more, read the whole article, where we explain this scam.

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