What is the Bumble match queue & How does it work?

Since we have published an article about Bumble, we have received a lot of emails regarding Bumble’s match queue. So let’s stop wasting time and let’s find out what it is and how you can leverage that to your advantage.

After reading this article, you will have a lot higher chances of getting a real date from online dating sites!

What is the Bumble Match Queue

So by now, you should have your Bumble account. If not, please create one here.

For those of you, who already have an account, you are probably familiar with three primary tabs of the Bumble app (your profile, bumble date, conversations).

Once you are done with swiping left and right, you should move on to a conversations page, where you have all your chats, and above them, you have Match Queue.

How it works

The match queue shows you all the girls (if you are a girl, then it will be guys) who have swiped right on your profile in the past 24 hours. They will be sorted by time, so at the beginning of the match queue, you will have profiles that will expire the soonest.

How to get a match in match queue not to expire

  1. Tap on the match Queue that you want to prolong 
  2.  And tap on Daily Extend
Bumble match queue is located in the conversations tab in the bumble app. You have three primary tabs, conversations tab, profile settings, and bumble date.

If you have purchased a premium membership, you can use Unlimited Extends, but keep in mind that this feature is not free like Daily Extend.

But be careful with Daily Extends, you have only one per day, so use it wisely.

Does the match queue expire?

Each match queue lasts for 24 hours since the time you have matched, and if you are a guy, there is nothing that you can do, only the daily extend and wait for her message.

Match queue is not showing up

We have received several emails, that match queue is not showing up in their app. If you are in the conversations tab and you have 0 match queues, no one has actually matched with you, and you should go to the middle tab (Bumble date) and swipe right and left on some profiles until you match with someone. If you experience this issue several days in a row, you should change up your profile photos and also profile description.

Do you want to know who is swiping right on your profile?

Unfortunately, if you want this feature, you will have to purchase paid Bumble Boost membership. If you do, you can see the profiles in the match queue. If you want to have a Bumble boost, you have to be logged in via your mobile app. Go to the conversations tab, tap on the green circle in match queue and then choose for how long do you want to be a Boost member. Obviously, for the longest time you purchase your membership, the cheaper it will be monthly.

Is it worth it to have a Boost?

Well, one of the perks is that you have unlimited daily extends, which in our opinion, is very well worth it. Just this feature alone is worth the price of the Boost membership plan. 

And as we have said before, another perk is that you can see who is swiping right on your profile. With the boost, you don’t have to wonder anymore.

How to get more matches in the match queue

Three main factors are involved with this: filters, matches, and left swipes. You can fix all of these in just a few minutes.


Go to your profile settings and adjust your match filters. If you want to get more matches, increase the distance.


One of the reasons why you actually might have very few people in your match queue is that all girls/guys have replied to you. Unfortunately, that is happening very rarely because most girls on this app don’t know how to start a conversation. For that reason, it is excellent advice to extend the matches for 24 hours, and if you can, edit your bio, tell them what you like, etc. So they can message you.

Left Swipes

When you swipe left on a profile, that did swipe right on your profile, now that profile is removed from the match queue because you have swiped left(rejected that profile). So if your match queue number is going down, don’t worry, this is the reason why. There is nothing wrong with your Bumble account. If you have any follow up questions, please send us an email with your question.


Do guys know when you swipe right on Bumble?

The short answer is yes and no. If the person has Bumble Boost membership, they will be able to access the match queue without the pixelated photos, and they will see your real photo and some information about your profile. They won’t be notified that you have swiped right on their profile, but if they are actively checking this feature, they will find out eventually. But I doubt many people are doing that, especially in big cities. 

Can you see your matches on Bumble without paying?

You will see your matches on Bumble without paying. But you can’t find out who has swiped right on your profile without upgrading your membership.

Does Bumble show profiles that have rejected you?

No, they won’t show profiles that have already rejected you. The only rejection that you might be exposed to is when you match with a girl, and she does not message you within 24 hours so that the profile will disappear from the queue. 

What does the green circle mean on the Bumble match queue?

The green circle means that you are ready to go, that these profiles have already swiped right on you. That the only thing that is missing is you, you have to also swipe right on these profiles. If you don’t want to “guess” and you want to match with those profiles right away, you can, but you have to upgrade your membership plan to do so!Green circle around bumble match queue 50+ matches

Is Bumble Match Queue in Bumble BFF

Yes, there is, and you have to have a premium account to see who has swiped right on you and wants to be friends with you. If you want to find out more, read our review of BFF.

Why does Bumble match queue disappear?

If someone disappears from your match queue, it can be caused only by four things. The most common reason is that the match has expired, it sounds obvious, but it happens quite often. The second most common reason is that the other person has unmatched you. Unfortunately, this happens quite often too. The third reason this could happen is that the person has switched from Bumble dating to Bumble friends. The last possible option is that the person has either deleted or deactivated their account.BUMBLE MATCH queue EXPIRES WITHIN 24  HOURS IF THE USER DOES NOT RESPOND!

Does Bumble match queue expire?

Yes, unfortunately, they do. If the user does not respond in the first 24 hours from the match queue, it will automatically expire. Unless you do something about it, and there are few things you can do about it. If you have a free profile, you can extend the match in match queue only once, and you can do this only one time per day. If you have upgraded your membership plan, you will extend several matches a day and extend the same match several days in a row.