How to cancel Bumble Boost -> Step by step tutorial

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Are you trying to cancel your Bumble boost that you have recently purchased? Don’t worry, it took us a long time to figure that out, but lucky for you, we have created a tutorial for this. It does not matter if you have paid for the boost membership with a credit card, PayPal or iTunes, we have prepared tutorials for all of these!

How to cancel Bumble Boost if you bought it with credit card

  1. Open the Bumble app
  2. Tap on the menu icon at the top of your screen on the left
  3. Tap on “Manage your subscription.”
  4. Tap on “cancel.”

How to cancel Bumble Boost if you bought it on iTunes

  1. First, take your iPhone/iPad or any other device that is connected to your iTunes account.
  2. Go to the iTunes Store and App Store.
  3. Go to the top of the screen and tap on your unique Apple ID
  4. Tap on View Apple ID and sign in to your iTunes account
  5. Tap on “Subscriptions”
  6. Tap on Bumble subscription
  7. If you are sure that you want to cancel your subscription, tap on “Cancel Subscription.”

How to cancel Bumble Boost if you bought it via Google Play

  1. Take your android tablet/phone where you are logged in to the particular google play account.
  2. Tap on Google Play app
  3. Go to your menu
  4. Tap on “Account”
  5. Tap on “subscriptions.”
  6. Tap on Bumble app
  7. If you are 100% sure that you want to cancel the subscription, tap on “Cancel.”

What happens when you cancel bumble boost

When you cancel your premium service Bumble Boost membership subscription, your Bumble account will still have Bumble Boost, and it will remain that way till the next renewal date. In simple terms, if you have bought your Bumble Boost on the 22nd of January and you bought it for a week and canceled that day, you will still have Boost membership for the rest of the seven days.

Canceling Bumble boost has nothing to do with your Bumble account, it will only cancel the automatic subscription. Your account will stay the same, only now when Bumble Boost expires, you will have to renew it manually ( the same way you have purchased it in the first place).

Refund Policy on Bumble

Unfortunately, all purchases in the Bumble app are non-refundable according to their Terms & Conditions. Hopefully, we have understood those… (they are so long..)

But even with that being said, if you have any purchase, that you don’t want, we highly recommend to cancel it so that you won’t receive a renewal bill after the end of the subscription, usually, all of these come with renewal.

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Is it easy to cancel Bumble boost?

Yes, it is a straightforward thing to do if you know how to. But lucky for you, we have created a step by step tutorial on how you can cancel your subscription within a few clicks, and this tutorial works on iPhones, Android phones, and even desktop pcs.

Does deleting your Bumble account cancel subscription?

No, it absolutely does not, only when you choose to do so. But truth to be told, after reviewing so many dating sites, I would not do that. I would cancel the subscription first and deleted the account afterward. Since so many dating apps are making money by getting paid for renewal subscriptions that no one is using…

How do I get a refund on the Bumble boost?

Unfortunately, due to the Bumble refund policy, there is very little chance of you getting a refund after canceling. You can contact support on Bumble, and we have actually helped a few people to get their return, but we would not count on getting one.

Why can’t I cancel my bumble subscription?

Yes, you can! If you are having issues, please read this whole article, where we have tutorial laid out step by step on how you can cancel the subscription forever!

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