How to Get 14 Day Bumble Boost Free Trial in [year]

Today we are going to teach you how you can get your Bumble Boost free trial for 14 days. Unfortunately, there is no method to get your free trial without a credit card. Also, there is no need for coupon or promo code. And if you have visited a site with a promo code discount, it is 100% fake, because you cannot add any coupon during checkout.

Bumble boost free trial code? There is no need for promo code or coupon code! You need to receive this offer in the app itself!

Who is eligible for this free trial

Everyone who has never used Bumble Boost on their account is eligible for this free trial. Unfortunately, there is no way to activate this offer. This offer only shows up once in a while from the Bumble app itself. But we have a few tips for you, how to get this offer.

How to receive a free trial offer

How to get bumble free trial

The best chance to receive this free trial offer is to have a new account. You can delete your old account with this tutorial and sign up for a new one. Before you do, contact all your matches and try to get your conversation going outside of the Bumble app. The best is to take their phone number. But from our tests, the best conversion ratio was when we asked for their Instagram handle. Once you have done this, you can go ahead a remove your account and sign up for a new one.

With a brand new account within the first few days of using Bumble, you will be offered a 14 day free trial of Bumble Boost. To get one, you will have to verify yourself via a credit card. You won’t be charged anything for the first 14 days. But if you do not cancel your boost subscription, you will be charged monthly for boost, the price will depend on where you live, but it is usually somewhere around $9.99.

Are there other ways to get this offer?

Every once in a while on accounts on which during our test we did not purchase boost, we receive this offer once or twice a month. Usually, it shows up during holidays, etc.

But if you have purchased a boost in the past, you are not eligible for this offer. You will either have to purchase it again or get a new account.