Is Ashley Madison legit or Scam online dating site?

First of all, we would like to say that it is ludicrous to think that Ashley Madison is a scam. Yes, in 2015, they have messed up, and they got their data hacked. Which was a huge issue and almost got them bankrupt because their whole thing was privacy. But to doubt, if they are legit or not is just funny. They have been in the online dating industry for 19 years now. And they have slipped once, with the data breach, that is it.

Other than that, Ashley Madison was and is a leading online dating site with millions of visitors each month. They have over 50 million members, how can you doubt their legitimacy?

, If scam means website with 50 million users, then yes it is the biggest scam in the worldis ashley madison scam

How can we know that Ashley Madison is a real dating site?

To a simple question, we have an even more straightforward answer. Not only that, we have signed a testing account, we also bought credits from our pocket to test the website. And as we have mentioned in our review, we were more than pleasantly surprised. In comparison to other online dating sites, this one is genuinely outstanding. We have signed up for our account early in the morning during the workweek. And by the time of the early evening, we have already been on one date and had two more for the same evening.

is ashley madison legit?Yes, it is, we have tested it ourselves. You are more than welcome to read our detailed review of this leading dating site.

Please keep in mind that these were dates. Yes, few members during our test contacted us about hookups, but we were not interested in that at the time.

Do you still have doubts?

If you still doubt the legitimacy of this dating website. Try to look at it logically. The site has been around for 19 years, and they have paid membership (they don’t, but you have to buy credits to do specific actions like messages, etc.). They have just slightly below 9 million visitors each month. Even if 1% of them purchased credits, that is 90 thousand people who have paid them and in just last month. If they were in shady business, there would already be a class-action lawsuit against them, and they would have been out of business in no time. We all know that lawsuits are a sport in the US.

is ashley madison real? Yes it is, like their 8 million visitors each month, these numbers don't lie

Our last thoughts

If you are still unsure if you should trust this dating site or not, please go ahead and read our very detailed review. And if you are still not convinced after reading that. Check our other reviews, and we have reviewed most of the popular online dating sites and choose the one with which you feel most comfortable.

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