Are there any free credits for Ashley Madison app?

After publishing the review of Ashley Madison, we have received a lot of emails. If there is a way to earn free credits for their app. Even though we have spent over 200 hours with reviewing their website, their app. Their history. We have read almost every article in newspapers about them, and we even tried to contact admins of Ashley Madison, so far we had no luck with getting a reply from them.

Long story short, even after 200 hours of research, we have never heard about the free credits method. But we thought that there might be a chance because on other sites you can get free membership if you do certain things. So we have dug even deeper of the interwebs. Unfortunately for you, we have to say that there are no free credits on their website.

Last thoughts

We understand that spending money on credits is not as fun as getting them for free. Unfortunately, there is no way to receive credits for free, and there never was. We have no idea where this “hoax” started. But don’t worry, you can still sign up for free and explore the site with a free account. Nothing is limiting you, and if you did not already know that, there are other ways to interact with members, then sending them a private message.

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