Is Adult Friend Finder Legit dating site or Scam?

Did you move to a new city for a job or school and you don’t know anyone? Are you introverted, so talking to strangers of the opposite sex is not your cup of tea? Don’t worry, and there is a great online dating site that could potentially solve all your problems. But you may ask yourself, is an adult friend finder legit website? Buckle up, and let’s discuss if you can trust this site or not.

Adult Friend Finder is a real online dating site with over 25 000 000 visitors each month!

First of all, AdultFriendFinder receives over 25 000 000 visitors each month. That is over 833 333 visitors daily, and all of them are looking for the same thing. If you are one of those pessimists, who right away call bs on these numbers, that they are worldwide, yup you are right. These numbers of visitors are across the whole world. But in fact, over 50% of those visits are from the United States, so stop pointing fingers if you want to meet someone you easily can with AFF. Only these traffic stats should tell you that adult friend finder is not a scam, that it is a real dating site where you can meet real people.

Does Adult Friend Finder work?

Well, we were tired of all of these discussions, so we have started the free account of our own to test the website. First of all, if you want to get a free account, click here. But very soon, we have realized that free account has its limitations, if you want to know what they are, read this article about it.

Does Adult Friend Finder work? Hell yeah, we arranged the date on the same date as we signed up.

So we wanted to upgrade to gold membership, but that costs $39.95, which we thought was a lot to prove a point. But we have found a way, how you can get this membership for free if you are interested in finding out how we did it, read this post about it :).

To get the free gold membership, we spent a lot of time on the website and interacted with a lot of users. Circa, two hours later, when we had the gold membership, we have received on our account over 15 private messages, and within an hour from that, we have scheduled two dates on the same day. So we hope that with this we have proved our point that this website does work. But keep in mind that within those few hours, we have interacted with hundreds of profiles. So it works when you work with it.

Still, some people will ask is adult friend finder a scam?

And we get it, when we first looked at the site, we for sure though that the site is not real. Because it looks exactly like any other spammy website that is promoted by pop up ads and redirects six hundred times, it took us a while to reconsider our opinion about this site. But one of the first factors was the website traffic, that we have shared at the beginning of this article, because truth to be told, with this amount of traffic. If there were anything shady with the aff website, it would be all over the internet. With that being said, they would already be out of business. But if you are not convinced yet, we get it, let us explain why this site is legit.

Are you worried that Adult Friend is a scam? Keep reading this article to find out the truth about this website!

Nine Reasons why Adult Friend Finder is a real dating site

  1. They have SSL certificate
  2. They have paid membership
  3. They have a privacy policy
  4. They have Terms of service on their website
  5. They have a contact form on their website
  6. We have personally tried it and meet users from the site
  7. It has no redirects
  8. It has been on the market for more than ten years
  9. Every user has to verify their profile

You still don’t trust this site? Do you still have your worries? You still can’t believe that Adult Friend Finder is a real online dating website? OK, let’s elaborate on why they are real.

As we have mentioned earlier, the website has paid membership. Do you genuinely think that if AFF charges $39.95 per membership. And with over 25 million monthly visitors, that there would not be a class-action lawsuit of thousands or even millions of people that got scammed out of their money? And keep in mind that they are 10+ years in this business, so technically, if this dating site were fake, there would be tens of millions of angry users who lost their money on gold membership.

Is AdultFriendFinder safe to visit or register?

That is finally kind of different question and with this one. We completely understand your worries. It was not that long, only five years ago was their whole database hacked, if you would like to know more details, click here. So yes, this is a real concern, are your data safe. After investigating the site, the only thing that is unsafe about it is the passwords. Because they let you use any password that has five characters or more, which is silly, well smart for them, they will receive more registration this way. But it isn’t very wise at the same time because most users will use passwords like 12345 or asdfg. And we know that that is a fact when the database leaked there were over 500 000 users with password 12345. There have been easily tens of millions of users with weak passwords just like this one. But to get back to the original question, yes, we firmly believe that the website is safe nowadays. And it has several properties like SSL certificate and many more to make sure that your data is safe with them. If you would like to know more about this, read the article about the hack from 2015, where we discuss this in detail.

Adult Friend has an SSL certificate, and it is safe to visit!

The final verdict

If you still think that Adult Friend Finder is a scam, you are stubborn, and we have no more words for you, only that we understand. If we did not test the site for ourselves, we still might be partly thinking that it must have been a scam site. Because the website design is horrible, their ad copy is even worse. We have no idea why the website h. But it has to work for them, the numbers speak for themselves. We do not understand how such a big website can have a $100 design with an ad copy that looks like a 15-year-old horny boy wrote it. If we have changed your mind on the legitimacy of this website, we are glad, and we wish you good luck with meeting strangers on this site! Have fun!

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