The judge appears to be ready to dismiss Stormy Daniels lawsuit against Trump

A U.S. federal judge in LA appeared poised to dismiss the lawsuit from adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Stormy Daniels, in real life Stephanie Clifford, sued Donald Trump in April over a post on twitter. In which he denied her claims of being subtly threatened by a male in Las Vegas parking lot back in 2011.

Stephanie Clifford said that the man was threatening her that he will expose an alleged sexual encounter with trump which was supposed to take place back in 2006. The president has denied that this affair ever happened and also doubted that the story about being threatened is real.

Michael Avenatti’s attorney of Stephanie said that this tweet damaged her credibility by portraying her as a con artist. The president’s attorney has asked a federal judge in LA if he can dismiss the suit.

U.S District Judge James Otero has said: “The question is whether the tweet by the president is protected communication or political hyperbole and non-defamatory on its face.”

Stephan Clifford aka Stormy Daniels who acused Donald Trump of..

After that, he said that Donald Trump is president of the United States and if he doesn’t have the right to free speech, then we have more significant problems.

The next hearing is scheduled on December 3rd to discuss efforts of Trump’s lawyers to dismiss another lawsuit by Stephanie over a hush-money agreement related to their alleged affair.

Stephanie also sued Trump and his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen, who has negotiated the deal so that she could speak to the public about the alleged affair without any fear of reprisal. Choen allegedly threatened her to sue her for $2 000 000.