Emily Ratajkowski is teasing everyone on Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski teased everyone on Instagram today. She took a few hours ago a photo of her self, where she is rocking huge glasses with a white tank top, but with no bra underneath.

In this particular photo, Emily is sitting outdoors at the table. And don’t get me wrong, I love her photos, but this tank top is see-through. It looks like she is at a restaurant waiting for her food.

Unfortunately, she did not include location tag within this post, but considering her choice of clothes and the look around, it looks like this photo is from Cali.

Within a day, this post got over 1,2 million likes with almost 5000 comments, which is quite outstanding performance, nowadays very few celebrities get interaction over 2% of their following and she got almost 6%.
Most of the comments were, “Is this a real life?”

While we all love to look at her new photos, Emily has recently been called out in the news about her alleged involvement with the Fyre Festival scam. But we don’t have enough details to talk about that, but she and other influencers might be forced to disclose in the court the exact payout they have received for promoting Fyre Festival. Especially now when Billy McFarland pleaded guilty to charges of fraud, for which he might serve over five years in prison.