No-deal Brexit unless EU softens position on border says UK minister

Chris Grayling, Britain’s Transport Secretary, says that the UK is for no-deal Brexit unless the European Union softens its position on the border on the island of Ireland.

Chris Grayling is a well-known supporter of Theresa May’s Chequers plan, which was rejected by EU leaders.

In a recent interview with BBC, Mr. Grayling said that despite the outcome of the summit in Salzburg, he is still confident that they could reach an agreement, but that Britain is still preparing if there is a no-deal situation.

Mrs. May is now pressured to drop the Chequers plan even from her party. If that wasn’t enough, she has to prepare for her party conference, which is in less than two weeks.

Even if a deal is struck, it will still have to pass through the House of Commons. There is no majority among MPs for a hard or no-deal Brexit, but there might be a path through parliament for a softer Brexit. Currently, the best what can Mrs. May hope for is a secure now a “blind Brexit”, where the only legally binding terms are the ones regarding the UK’s withdrawal.