You might be able to drink alcohol in public next month

The Green Party sent out a press release earlier today, where they introduced a pilot program they want to launch in Vancouver parks and beaches, should candidates from Green Party be elected into Park Board positions next month.

Drinking in public is legal in many civilized countries in the world, and in Vancouver, you can drink in a park only with a special permit, which is hard to get.

“More and more people do not have a balcony or garden where they can enjoy the outdoors and have a drink with friends. This is a matter of recognizing a strong desire from a large segment of the population, especially among the younger, condo-bound generations,” said Dave Demers, the candidate for the Green Party.

The Green Party is proposing that limited alcohol consumption in selected areas ( beaches and parks) will allow responsible adults who want to enjoy a beer or glass of wine by the water.

But they note that the laws for public intoxication would remain in place.

Also, the Green Party is speculating that it only matters who gets into the mayor’s seat, and they are hopeful that alcohol might become more available throughout the city.


NPA candidate Ken Sim pledged to make it legal for Canadians to buy alcohol in corner stores. At the mayoral debate, where Ken Sim made this statement member of an audience heckled him with saying that it was provincial legislation that would allow that to happen, Ken Sim responded: ”They will get it done.”

You can watch the full mayoral debate here.