New Firmware on Switch Limits Upload Speeds

New firmware update of Nintendo Switch to version 6.0.0 is slowly kickstarting the new era of playing with Switch Online. So far there was no official mention on this from Nintendo, but several users have reported that update to version 6.0.0 set up an upload limit on Switch console. If you have this new firmware, your upload speed won’t go above 8Mbps.

First reports started coming two days ago from Japanese Switch users. That they have tried every possible setting there is, but they were not able to reach better upload speed than 8Mbps. So far no one reported that this update limited also the download speeds even though that this firmware is clearly restricting upload speed of Wi-FI and LAN connections.


But to be fair, and 8Mbps upload speed is quite enough to use all Switch console functionalities without any problem, and it shouldn’t affect any of your online play. But this is quite interesting that this upload restriction was introduced around the same time as their online service was launched.

Even though this should not affect your gaming experience, this is a concern for me. FPS and ping were always important and will be for a long time. I am sure that people who used to play quake arena or older versions of counterstrike are concerned also.

What are your thoughts on this?